7 1/4″ circular saw – REVIEW

dewalt circular saw

DeWalt 7 1/4″ circular saw.


Looking for a powerful, lightweight – 8.8 lbs, 15 amp, straight cutting workhorse of a saw, you can’t get much better than this. Price is right, easy to adjust for height or angle, uses many different saw tooth number blades (from 18 above thru 24, 40, 60, 80, plywood and diamond). You can also use masonry and metal cutting blades. A very versital tool for many applications.

I’ve been using mine for 3+ years and it works as well as the day I purchased it. It works well in ripping mode without blade ‘wander’ due to overheating. Don’t need a special rip blade, my crosscut carbide 40 tooth cuts smooth and straight.

Tried using more expensive and cheaper saws, but this middle of the road priced tool is superior. Recommend it highly.

It gives me HAPPY DAYS!


Have used circular saws to cut dado type cuts for old-fashioned porch railing. Must make multiple cuts, but if you don’t have a dado saw, this works well. Cutting angle (miter) cuts is easy also. Just make a small jig for the different angles you need and you can do miter cuts with ease even without a special miter saw. Works great on small repair jobs.

Using carbide blades enables cutting many types of materials from wood, plywood, versa board, polyurethane board, CPV pipe, light metals, onyx board and more. Using specialty blades expands the range of versatility. For years, I only used a circular saw for ALL my carpentry projects, Got along well, but as I was able, I added other types of saws and came to rely less on my circular saw for specialty cutting.


Use caution, your hands control this highly maneuverable cutting machine. 24 tooth blade 24 tooth carbide

60 t00th carbide blade 60 tooth carbide

The above two blades are what I use for a wide range of applications. One economic point, I get mine sharpened at least twice at $.25 per tooth. That saves a lot and they work just as well.


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