Card stock is great for homemade cards. I like to make cards that fit into 5″ x 7″ frames with encouraging words for everyday living. Some are funny, others more serious. I like to use Scripture from various modern versions of the Bible to set the mood for the day, enlighten folk and give direction for their future. I give these on special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and so on. Usually people appreciate the personal touch and keep them displayed for years.

(5 x 7-inch White AC Cardstock Pack by American Crafts | Includes 60 sheets of heavyweight, textured white card stock – this is what I use. Find it on Amazon; click the link above).

(Disclaimer: I do receive a percentage if you buy this product from Amazon.)

Sometimes I have even sold these framed cards. I also use this stock to provide a 7-day group of ‘start the day’ cards, with sayings like, “Pray before… ; “Trust the Lord for… “; “Be happy today because… “.

Little things make a big difference. Try providing people with a reason to begin and continue the day with a positive attitude. Paper missives are only one way to be an encourager.

We here at Wealthy Affiliate do this on a daily fashion by communicating with our fellow members in leading, teaching and direction so they will continue to apply themselves to this business of helping individuals find things for which they might be looking. This daily or weekly sharing really works.

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Wealthy Affiliate

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Funny bunnies, funny monies, funny whatever, causes mirth to be birthed, grins to be gained, smiles to be the style, giggles to cause wiggles, snickers like wickers from horse snorts to ball courts and wishing, like fishing, to splash us with joy. Phrases amaze us and wisdom invades us, when wrapped in a wit, it bursts in our brain. Poetic promises emote in our insideness, creating hope even in silly tones, don’t throw stones, strengthen your bones, with witty strong words that lift you within and outside your chin, with a new purpose to win.

It’s not hard to be a ‘card’ if you try to bring smiles while not taking yourself seriously. If you’re too serious, you bore and people shoot boars. So – “Smile a while and give your face a rest!” (besides it takes 6 more muscles to frown than to smile – don’t work so hard, relax and re-purpose.)

See, work IS fun. Enjoy a pun. Get it done and make the mon ($).

Get some cards and take part in spreading GOOD news. There is more than enough bad news flying around. Learn to duck or get hit with a puck, as in hockey if you don’t learn to duck.

Give me your opinion, everybody has one, like belly buttons, you see. Love to hear from you. Here’s your chance to repartee’.                                                                happy


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