chisels These are awesome chisels to chisel your way thru!

I have mostly purchased chisels one at a time, as I needed a particular size for a job, but when I had a chance to get this set (with carrying case), I couldn’t resist. Boy am I glad I did. I have used them over and over and over again. They really hold an edge and are easily sharpened on my grinding wheel.

Some jobs require that you use a hammer, others you can do by hand and peel soft wood with little pressure. I like thes jobs best because you get to feel like an artist at work, gently removing fine layer by fine layer.


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Awesome chisels

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These tools have a 4.0 of 5.0 rating from 100 reviews. I make 101. lol

I am finding that with proper care, these tools will last a lifetime – maybe two if you train your kids how to use the safely and properly.

To sharpen simply follow the original angle and only sharpen angled side. Be careful not to over heat the edge (turns blue if you do) and this takes the hardening out of the steel so it doesn’t cut well and doesn’t stay sharp. The grinding wheel should be medium to fine grit. Don’t be in a hurry and check the edge CAREFULLY for sharpness.

You don’t need to use a plastic mallet, just don’t go crazy with your 16 ounce regular hammer. Tapping, rather than slamming, gives better control and finer results.

Though these work best on pine, you can use them on hardwoods and plastic with care. I have used them to remove floor tile (the 1 1/2″) only be prepared to sharpen and dress the edge carefully to get back to the original sharp edge.

These are especially useful in furniture building. desk & chair

Fine shaving for a special finish; shaping special areas; and many other inventive applications can be use. This is a true “hand tool”.


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