Yes, it’s true. After 12 years of business, started September 2010 at age 64, now slowing down at age 76.

Why? Several reasons:

  1. Tired.
  2. Health (can’t work as fast or as efficiently – neuropathy (nerve damage due to diabetes), dizziness (?), weakness (just getting old).
  3. Starting two new things
    1. published 3 books, now working on getting a traditional publisher to purchase and market.
    2. Started new business – Wealthy Affiliate – online affiliate business

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(Click on the link in part b. to learn more about what I’m doing.)


Looking for something where I am using my brain, not brain and brawn (not much brawn left anyway! Brain is fine, just had an MRI and the Doctor said so!)

With WA (Wealthy Affiliate), I get to share thoughts about anything that might be of interest to anyone surfing the web. I can talk about my wife (lots of wives out there), my dogs (, landscaping, house, decks (, plants (, etc.

This is fun and I have over 2 million members to share these ideas with in WA and the rest of the world. I get to hear input from them and as I include products (like WA), someone will buy in and I will make some money, while they get a great product!

This is post number 47 and I am enjoying every bit of this sharing!

My handyman customers are sad to see me go, but they understand, while I try to help them find reputable contractors to fill the gap. This is not so easy with the lack of dependability and honesty in the workforce today. But don’t give up hope! There are some out there. Only problem, they are the busiest contractors with (usually) a long list of commitments ahead of you. They are worth the wait!

For example, in our area of southwest Iowa, Shawn Misilko is booked ahead for a year. His work is great and should you get him, you will be very glad you did. (Go Shawn!!!)


I am a self-published author of 3 books.

  1. FAITHKILLER: RECOGNIZING RESENTMENT – This 56 page book is written in a semi-serious style to deal with a serious subject – resentment, which kills your faith in at every level. Examples and solutions are provided.
  2. BUNI TALES: THE ADVENTURES OF SOFTPAWS – a children’s collection of stories to answer questions about life, spirituality, and some just-for-fun tales. (59 pages)
  3. CONVERSATIONS WITH A CHURCH MOUSE – a small novel (143 pages) about a church, 2 communities, love, hate, a feud, salvation, and possible changes for the better of both communities. This is a fun and educational read.

So what am I looking for? A traditional publisher to purchase and market all three books. Will it happen? YES! I believe it will. I have already had 47 marketers try to get my business to market my last book (3 today!). It will happen.


I will succeed in both of these ventures because of several things:

  • Faith
  • Persistance
  • Value of products
  • Interest of readers and investors
  • Clarity
  • Quality
  • And 5 billion people online looking for ‘stuff’.

So onward and upward, my friends. Come join me in my adventure.

Leave a comment so I know whether you agree or disagree. I respond well to both.



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