diabetes #2


I will list what I know and have experienced:

  • diet
  • pills
  • insulin

I started in 2004 trying to control my type 2 diabetes with diet. I wasn’t disciplined enough to make it work, so I had to have pills to help me lower my glucose to acceptable levels. Now armed with magic many colored and multi-shaped tiny miracle workers, I felt confident I could win this health battle.



Construction work is quite often strenuous, so the worker MUST burn LOTS of calories, right? Not necessarily. My highs and lows (mostly high) came from this assumption. I worked hard, but still stayed high due to my lack of control in my eating habits. With the medication, I expected I could still eat WHAT I wanted to and AS MUCH as I wanted to.


After 10 years of diet ping pong and losing most games, my doctor decided I needed to take insulin to save my organs and health. It worked for a while, but the day-to-day difference in work demands, made it next to impossible to get the right combination of food intake and glucose levels

Therefore, we added a second type of insulin. Now I was taking long-lasting insulin (glargine) and fast acting insulin (asparte). We kept increasing the dosage and how often to take each. My peak came at 24 units breakfast and lunch, with 28 units at supper of asparte. Then at bedtime I took 72 units of glargine.

Still, A1C running 9.3. (Supposed to be 7.0 or under) Still didn’t work.


Then in 2020, my new doctor and the dietitian recommended a new insulin – Ozempic (https://reference.medscape.com/drug/ozempic-rybelsus-wegovy-semaglutide-1000174semaglutide). This was only to be taken ONCE A WEEK! Unbelievable!

Of course, I wanted to try it. We started with .25 mg. The first 3 months my A1C dropped to 8.3. The lowest since I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We then did two things. First, we increased the dosage to .5 mg and 2nd, lowered my fast-acting insulin from 24 morning and noon to 16 with supper lowered from 28 to 18. Then we lowered my long-lasting insulin from 72 to 68 units. This was the first time we had EVER LOWERED my dosage! Awesome! It’s working!

With my next 3-month A1C test, it had dropped to 7.1, almost perfect. Then I started having lows in glucose levels, dropping into the 60’s and 50’s. To counter this, we dropped morning and noon asparte to 12 and evening to 16. In addition, we dropped the glargine, long lasting, to 60.

Next A1C test? 7.3. Totally acceptable and that’s where it is today. We are looking at replacing both asparte and glargine by increasing Ozempic to .75 mg. That means only 1 shot per WEEK instead of 28 shots per week!


I don’t know if any of you know about this new insulin (at least it’s new to me), but I would talk with my doctor and find out if it is a possibility for your diabetes management. I would not presume to encourage anyone to try this without their doctor’s assistance in making any changes in their diabetic management.


Click the blue link above (semaglutide – Ozempic) to find out more about this.

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