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This blog is for all my diabetic companions and their friends/family who want to help.

I have been a type 2 diabetic since 2004. It is a real daily, sometimes hourly, battle to get blood sugars into the safe zones so we don’t cause further damage to other body parts or functions. Watching what, how much and how often we eat (and we MUST eat), is crucial to good glucose (sugar) levels.

Oh, BTW, for the uninitiated, sugar is to the body what gas is to a car – fuel. Without it ‘you no go’. Too much you go slow or hyper. There are many side effects, some of which are, blurred vision, shakiness, agitation, crabbiness, sweats and dizziness or weakness. Also, excessive drowsiness or a tendency to fall asleep can be for either high or low blood sugar.


Another effect of diabetes is neuropathy. This is the result of sugar imbalance over a long (years) block of time. This varies with each individual. There are many levels of experience with this aliment. Some have little or no pain, just loss of feeling, usually in feet or hands. Others have varying levels of pain, from mild discomfort to excruciating, even debilitating pain. Some people lose the ability to walk or use their hands. Others get infections from not feeling the limb when a sore or wound is not noticed or cared for. Amputation is often necessary to save the life due to advanced detrimental conditions.

Obviously, prevention of these extremes is the best route. Outside of proper diet and exercize, protective items can help ease the symptoms of neuropathy.


I can’t deal with the magnitude of the subject in one blog when there are multitudes of books, articles, and education manuals filled with info about this disease. Therefore, I have chosen to share one item that has helped me with this problem.


I had an awful time with sweating feet, discomfort from socks with ribbing, too heavy, too light, on and on. In desperation, I asked my doctor at the Veteran’s hospital if I could get some diabetic socks. He gladly ordered some for me.

After using them for a while, I not only continued to have sweaty feet, but they were hard for me to pull on, as I have neuropathy in my hands as well. No strength or feeling sufficient to get them on without a major struggle. Getting them off wasn’t easy either.

What could I do? I went on a search of my own. God is good. I found some socks on Amazon that looked promising. They were made by Hanes, and I liked their other products, so I ordered some to try.

Viola! They were perfect! Easy on and off. Smooth and soft. Just the right thickness to feel good. Sufficient support to make my feet feel comfortable. Durable. Inexpensive!

They came in mid-calf and knee high. I got both. The knee high gave me more support when I was working, while the mid-calf were just right for everyday.

They worked so good for me that I shared it with my brother-in-law who has other leg problems and he loved them also. They are not advertised as special medical socks, just socks. But they have sure worked wonders for me.

If you would like more info on them, please use the link provided above by clicking on the blue word Socks.


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