dizzy Does that throw your eyeballs?

Dizzy wizzy is what I call it. Some times this is what I see. Like to be me?

I have a condition called diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Just learning about it, but it appears that after having type 2 diabetes for over 15 years and not being able to control it much of the time, my nervous system has been affected.

Where is the faith and fun in that, you might say? ME TOO!

My faith is that with God’s help, the VA department and a good dose of fun (laughter at being a dizzy guy instead of a dizzy dame), I will win this escapade with unsteadiness and proceed (with caution) towards steadier steps and a balanced head.

I have written 2 other blogs on diabetes because in the midst of living a busy energetic life, I was, and over 32 million in USA are, faced with dealing daily with a ‘sugar challenged’ lifestyle.

DIABETIC HELPER #1 – Faith And Fun Gets It Done (faith-and-fun.com)

DIABETES HELP #2 – Faith And Fun Gets It Done (faith-and-fun.com)

I love ice cream, but it doesn’t love me, it poisons me. Same with most carbohydrates. So the challenge is to balance my diet so I can still enjoy eating and not destroy myself in the process.

Up to now, I didn’t realize how dangerous this disease is. Because of this, I abused my insulin intake to continue my freewheeling eating habits.

SCREECH!!! I can’t walk straight. Need a cane for balance. Have to get up slooowly or go ‘bump in the night’, if you know what I mean.

diabetic tools SOME TOOLS OF MY ‘TRADE’.

Many of you reading this are familiar with the information contained in the two blogs above, but this is a new dimension. Apparently if you have neuropathy (deadening of nerves) in feet or hands, that is not the only areas affected. The smaller nerves from your feet to your head work at compressing blood vessels systematically from bottom to top causing a rise in blood pressure (not to be confused with normal heart produced blood pressure), increasing blood to the brain which helps with equilibrium or balance.

The first way to assist with overcoming this is to wear ‘thigh-high’ compression socks. Coupled with this is a wrap going around the abdominal area to aid in supplying the missing pressure needed for balance. Then there are tests (vascular and cardio-vascular) connected with nerve health tests that might show a way to medically improve or at least help control the lightheadedness and potential towards blacking out this condition tends to bring on.

Whoa! Is this fun, or is this FUN? whee


Now for the FAITH part. I believe God is good. Therefore, He is watching over me and providing me with ways to deal effectively with this. Will it pass or must I live with this the rest of my life? Don’t know, just trusting it will somehow turn to my good.

One thing for sure, I get to write about this to some of my diabetic compatriots who may not be aware of this possible condition and don’t have access to the health care I do as a veteran in the US. I am so thankful that I have these privileges of health and care. I do not take them lightly.

As to the FUN part, you need a sense of humor to face the tricky, tilting way of walking this condition produces. Someone watching me navigate might think I have been drinking (nonalcoholic only – honest!), and that is why I walk a crooked, weaving path.

Some might even think I’m a ‘jerk’ because of my ‘jerky’ travels. If I bring you a smile in my travels, I have succeeded in something good. Smiling is part of the fun of life.

Someone has said that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. To be able to laugh at ones-self assures more self-confidence and a more balanced life.


This is the part I like the best. I get to encourage all of you that just because life has handed you lemons, doesn’t’t mean you have to make lemonade. You could make lemon pie, lemon drops, lemon cookies, spruce up your tea with a slice of lemon. You get my drift. You are NOT limited except by your own perspective. As Preetam referred, Stephen Hawking surpassed his ‘lemons’ marvelously. What will you and I do?

We have a ‘blank page’ and unlimited opportunity for expression. What will you share with us that will bring fresh ideas to our minds? It’s up to you. What will you say?

happy BE HAPPY!


Something that might help is Jaaxy.

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