cross Faith focused jewelry is popular all over the world and with many religions. This blog will present ideas from a Christian perspective.


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A symbol of the sacrificed Son of God, Jesus, the cross pictures for us the cost of bringing to us the opportunity for salvation from sin. This particular cross has Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Other versions: The Shield of Faith with cross

The shield of faith with the cross attached, represents all the cross provides plus the shield of faith from the Apostle Paul’s teaching on the Armour of God in Ephesians chapter 6.

Leather Bracelet with cross

Leather and a silver cross remind Christians of the Romans who carried out the Crucifixion.

Cross Ring

This ring helps Christians remember the promise of the work of the cross is eternal in effect – circle = eternity.

Cross T-Shirt

Nails in the form of a cross bring to mind the nails that held Jesus to the cross while H poured out His blood for us. Worn on this T-Shirt it brings a clear message of the price that was paid for salvation.


Crown of Thorns Ring

A ‘crown’ of thorns was woven into a circle and placed on Jesus’ head in mockery to His ‘kingship’. It simply fulfilled Scripture that it would be done, and it allowed more of His blood to be shed for mankind.


Fish Bracelet

Fishing was the occupation of many of Jesus’ Apostles and therefore became an early church symbol of being a disciple of Christ.


The Dove Pendant

The dove and fire pictured the empowering of the followers of Christ by the infilling of the Holy Spirit who was often referred to in the form of a dove, like the one descending on Jesus at His baptism and the fire that appeared on the disciples on the day of Pentecost – the birthday of the Christian Church.


Praying Hands Ring  

Praying hands shows how Christians talk to God and remind us of the access we have to Him. It is one of the things which bring strength to Believers and answers from God.


Symbols worn as jewelry, are more than decoration, they are continuous reminders of various parts of the Christian faith. These are fun to wear and a silent testimony of God’s care for us.

I hope this short lesson on our faith was fun and provided you with an opportunity to get something to help you remember your faith.


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