Getting started on a new venture can be problematic. All directions don’t necessarily provide easy connections to the information and process needed to go forward. BUT, persistence pays off. Keep looking and asking questions, you WILL find the way.

I started building my website and had problems finding how to do this – blog on my website.

Turns out it was simple just not obvious. No arrow pointing the way. No “Here’s the next step.” No “push this button to proceed.”

So, my ‘first fruits’. An actual blog on my site. WOW! It works!

Simply place your cursor in the ‘Quick Draft’ block and start typing. Why didn’t somebody say that? Guess it’s part of growing “fruit”.

Hope this helps some newbies.

1 thought on “FIRST FRUITS”

  1. Looking around this website puts a genuine smile on my face. I really like the fun factor and can connect with the faith factor. Is the feature picture in the decking post your handy work? It looks great! (whether you made it or not 🙂
    I will definitely be visiting your website in future…maybe not for decking fun facts and features, but definitely for the faith and fun part. I love words and rhymes etc. Keep up the great work!


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