SHEEPSKIN/RABBIT FUR GLOVES ” target=”_blank”> I love these gloves! Soft, warm, durable, classy and comfortable fit and price.

That’s my favorite combination. Gloves HAVE to fit comfortably! That’s my top priority. If they’re comfy, warm and flexible with good gripping surface, they’re for me! And price is ALWAYS a consideration.


  1. I believe in gloves. They are necessary for work and play in nasty weather. “Cold hands, warm heart” may apply to normal conditions, but “Warm hands, that’s smart” applies to winter and cold weather.
  2. They work – if you choose the right fit and style for the application.
  3. Throwing snowballs is FUN if your hands are warm and the gloves don’t fly off with the snowball throw.
  4. Fun is also a product when driving a cold car but having a good grip on that slippery cold steering wheel.

Therefore, it is necessary to have gloves you can believe in and trust to do the job so whatever you are doing is safe and fun.


The above gloves are for dress and casual, but you may need a different kind of glove for different use, so here are some possibilities:

WORK GLOVES ” target=”_blank”>WATERPROOF WORK GLOVES ” target=”_blank”>

TOUCH SCREEN WORK GLOVES ” target=”_blank”>WINDPROOF W/G ” target=”_blank”>

These are just a few ideas to ‘play around with’, if you’re thinking about getting some gloves for yourself or a friend.

(Disclaimer: If you like and purchase any of thes, Amazon says I must tell you that I will make a small percentage on the sale for pointing you in this direction. Hope that’s OK, it helps me a little.)

If you found this helpful, then it “fits like a glove” for you.

Have a merry Christmas!


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