I like to have fun. Do you like to have fun? Having fun takes all kinds of forms, however if we ad a component, say faith, then funny faith means different stuff. Different stuff can be good, bad or ugly. On the other hand (right or left?), funny faith can be interesting, delightful or downright, knee slapping funny.

I don’t know if I will achieve the last state, but who knows? You might actually enjoy this and have a better attitude toward faith, especially because to achieve anything, you must believe in what you are doing, but can’t we have fun along the way? It will make the journey enjoyable instead of (get this word!) drearysome!


Weird, strange, different, odd, etc. Of course, this is from your perspective (not mine, of course, my viewpoint is sacrosanct, ‘It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!’)

Any perspective different from ours can seem strange and therefore to be avoided. Unfortunately, that can obstruct learning some really neat stuff or missing a prominent point that could be to our advantage if we can get by our objections and look at the true value of experiencing a fresh perspective of an old problem.

For example, one gets quite a unique experience by viewing the Grand Canyon from the edge at the top and then descending into it and looking back up. Aside from the vertigo you might feel looking down, the broad panorama leaves you in awe, while at the bottom the view is narrowed by the high walls.

Sometimes there seems to be this much difference in what one person believes and the faith of another. Both can be right and yet be at different poles of understanding and acceptance of each other’s opinion.

I like the clarifying statement, “Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.” Catch my drift?


It’s amazing what some folks believe, especially when faced with the facts that their understanding is faulty. For example, as I was growing up on the New York/Pennsylvania border, some of my cousins from ‘them thar hills’, believed that rocks grew from the ground. Their proof: “Turn that there rock over and you will see its roots.” Uh huh! Ok. Moving right along.


A few years ago (actually over 40), my brother-in-law, a minister, was driving through town with his, then, 5-year-old son when his son spotted some nuns walking on the sidewalk. He asked his father, “What are those, Daddy.”

My brother-in-law began to explain at length how they were similar to himself as ministers, but from a different church with different dressing rules.

His son responded, “Gee, that’s funny, Daddy, I thought they were people!” [out of the mouth of babes]

Fun faith is when we learn to laugh at ourselves, not in a depreciating way, but in honest appraisal of the situation or circumstances in which we find ourselves. If we truly believe we can be successful in Wealthy Affiliate, we must have a sense of humor and learn not only to grow through our mistakes or misconceptions, but to laugh (at least smile!), at the ludicrous position we find ourselves in and move on, using it as a personal steppingstone and a good lesson to share with others. We all need a good belly tickle ever so often. Don’t take yourself so seriously.


Most people react to the word ‘faith’ in a religious venue. But faith takes many forms. For example, in sports your coach will tell you that you must believe in your ability to advance in training from ordinary to extra ordinary, or in other words, you must have faith in your ability to change by becoming your dream ideal. No Olympic gold medalist got the gold without believing he/she could do it. They had faith in their coaches and themselves.

So even though faith in this setting has little to do with religion, it is still a type of faith and necessary for success. In fact, NOTHING is accomplished without this kind of faith. You must believe and act on your faith at this level no matter what arena you are operating in. If you are crushed by failure, you must believe you will rise again to success or you will ‘die’ there. It could be the end. Faith will overcome this obstacle.


I have been faced with many failures in my life. At first, I despaired of ever becoming anything of value to myself or anyone else again, but life goes on if we don’t quit. Suicide has been defined as “A permanent solution to a temporary problem”. So don’t shoot the messenger, you can rise again. Look at all the people around you who have overcome things as bad as or even worse than what you may be facing now or in the future. And maybe you are still locked in a fatalistic mind mode.

Begin to believe a way will be found by you or someone crossing your path which will give new hope for you to fasten your faith upon. Many who respond to these blogs on WA have shared similar issues they have faced, especially in trying (and failing) to find an online business that doesn’t cost more than it produces.

HAVE FAITH! With 2 million adherents, WA proves if you follow their lead, they will show you (and me) how to succeed.

I am a believer. I am 76 and the best is yet to come – and it’s on its way!

In conclusion, get some of this Fun, Funny Faith and go ‘full steam ahead’ to your victory destination. This is the vehicle, and this is the road. Follow the path to wealth untold. (Because YOU and I haven’t gotten there YET, but we are on the way!)

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