gear Get your “but” in gear refers to a position of choice.

Many choose to set negative things and attitudes at the ‘first response’ mode of their life and reap the depressing results of that selection.

We have choices! Even though a very ‘natural’ position is to choose to state negative reactions and responses to how we feel, what is about to happen and how we will be treated, we do NOT have to decide to do this. We can, instead, change the outcome by stating something other than the unwanted portrait painted by negative thinking.

We can say, “I feel bad, so I’m coming down with a cold.” Or we can change the outcome by re-stating it this way – “I feel bad so, I’m coming down with a cold, BUT I will take the right action to make sure I don’t catch a cold.”


Watch this:

  • I hate you, BUT I can choose to love you.
  • Sad things turn your mouth down, BUT choosing to smile anyway, brings a smile.
  • I probably won’t win, BUT I will surely lose if I don’t try.
  • Dirty hands can infect a cut, BUT washing them with soap and water can avoid infection.
  • Medicine doesn’t taste good, BUT “a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down”.
  • Lifting 1,000 pounds by yourself is almost impossible, BUT with 10 people able to lift 100 pounds, the job can be done.

In each of the examples above, BUT makes the difference. It adds the element needed to change the outcome.

When it comes to attitudes, for example, your choice to see the bad and choose the good, changes the result. Just by using the ‘power of but’ you get the potential of a different outcome.

But, beware, it works in both directions. Ergo, “Things are good now, BUT just wait and see, they will get bad.”

Here is a link that says even more on this topic:


If you want to be happy, think happy thoughts. It is a choice. You can continue to think bad, sad, mad thoughts, BUT you can choose, instead, to think and express happy thoughts.

“Easier said than done”, you say. Right! It takes an act of will and refusal to give in to the bad-sad-mad thoughts and attitude to effect the change. Nobody said this is easy, just necessary.

If you are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’, try changing your thinking. What we think is what we are. Even the Bible agrees with this:

Proverbs 23:7 – “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Our thoughts play out in real life. BUT if you change your thinking, you change your life.


Wealthy Affiliate bloggers do have bad days, BUT by determining to change their thinking and perspective, they turn an adverse moment into a progressive, satisfactory post that lifts, their and others hearts.

Sometimes we have empty heads and weary hearts like many others, BUT when we decide to change our thinking from an “I can’t to an, I can” attitude, it is amazing what we can accomplish.

Let me encourage you to set your mind to “I can” mode instead of “I can’t”. It will surprise you how this helps.


When I started writing this, I wasn’t sure what to write about or how to express it, BUT after checking some key word searches I had done on “how to be happy” and googling one, I found the above linked website and after reading it, got the inspiration to share what I learned through the process.

Viola! A 600+ word post. Hope the share helps.


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