I like verses from the “good book”. Here’s one that promises something seemingly contrary to reason: “Give, and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over – will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.”

Doesn’t seem to make sense. If I give away my stuff, I will just have less. That means I will be poorer while the recipient of my goods will be richer. There is a strange universal law encapsulated in the verse quoted. It’s kind of like an old-time adage: You have to prime the pump to get water from it.


If you are waiting for a ‘cloud burst’, ‘your ship to come in’, or “When I win the lottery”, before you share, bare (your heart), or care enough to invest in others and their needs, you will almost never receive your hopes and dreams.

ERGO: If you expect a paycheck, you must first do the work. Paychecks come to those who invest their time, effort and abilities to complete a series of tasks or a task for which an agreement of remittance upon completion has been set. There is another approach to receiving. It is called “paying forward”. This is the principle expressed in the verse above.


There is no set time or amount of return. But one thing assured in the verse above is that it will be more than the amount or medium given. In another place it is assured the return on investment will be 30 times, sixty times or one hundred times the original investment.

SO, it is not giving equaling loss, rather it is giving expecting increase.


Quantity and quality are not dollar for dollar or substance for substance. Return may arrive in a different format and time and is not measured by input for a specified return, it is only guaranteed that the return WILL come and that it will enrich the giver in some measurable and satisfying fashion.


Many will miss out on this investment tool because they don’t trust that it will work for them. However, for those who begin this process and continue it, the value of the investment is far less than the results received. Givers ARE receivers whether tangible or intangible returns are received.


Try giving a smile to an overworked waitress and see the result something so small can do to lift some of the load she is struggling under.

Pay for someone’s grocery order in the checkout lane ahead of you. Shovel someone’s sidewalk or driveway without charging them.

Visit someone in hospital, or who is confined at home, or incarcerated in jail and measure not only their appreciation, but how it brightens your day.

If you bake someone some cookies. These are small examples and may be overlooked, but they work for others and will enrich your life as well.


Every farmer knows the more he plants the more he harvests. In fact, he depends on the law of Increasing Returns. Plant two corn kernels and, the average is, 2 ears with around 180 kernels each ear. He plans accordingly, purchasing, preparing and planting expecting to receive for this is the natural order of seed time and harvest.


Investing in the program is just the beginning. Then we get to BLOG. This is not only good exercize, it invests in other WA members. You never know when something you blog may help get someone through an “I feel like quitting” moment and continue on to become successful and satisfied Also, reading and writing allows some humor and uniqueness to enable someone to survive an otherwise unbearable or mind-numbing day. Is it worthwhile to give so that another will have a better day? Yes, of course.


When we come to realize that giving really does open the door to receiving, we will engage in it in a multitude of manners and, thus receive it in unmeasurable and delightful proportions. Get ready to grow – GIVE SOMETHING!

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