GOODBYE CHRISTMAS, HELLO 2023! See all that untouched sand. It’s waiting for YOUR tracks!

Where will you go?

What will you do?

What kind of marks will you leave?

Will you walk alone or bring someone with you?

How many will you help this year?

When will you start?

What will you say?

Will you complain or encourage?

How many quality blogs will you write this year?

Will you introduce new niches and domains?

New followers – goal?


questionsWhen you have a blank page, you have UNLIMITED options. You can draw, write, color, scribble, on and on. Many people, when faced with a blank page, go blank. They freeze up. Are stopped in their tracks. Stand still like a deer in the headlights.

Others start putting down ideas, hopes, dreams, fears, goals.

One thing is sure, everyone is faced with the same blank page. What we do with it will vary as much as each individual has differences. That’s what makes life so interesting.


Which way will YOU go? The time to choose is before you. Will you choose alone or seek advice? Will you turn around and retreat? Or will you just continue as you are?

Of course, you know, doing the same thing and expecting different results, is a sign of insanity.

SOMETHING has to change, unless what you are doing is working very well for you. If that’s the case, by all means, keep doing what you are doing – with this proviso – if it can be improved, improve! That’s just good business sense.


Don’t just stand there! Move! You’re not dead, you’re ALIVE! Make the most of it. Maybe you have challenges. Face them like you are entering a new adventure (because you are!). I’m getting a little (just a little – lol) pushy here. Many would commiserate with you about your trouble, but that doesn’t help. Finding something within your reach and then reaching for it, provides opportunity for success – or failure, but failure is only one thing you’ve tried that doesn’t work. Try something else. Something WILL if you try enough things. There are too many examples to quote, like Edison and his light bulb filament. Somehow, some way, you too can and will succeed.


An old Christian song says, “We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, He’s never failed us yet, we’ve come this far by faith.”

You might say, but I’m not a Christian, how does this apply to me?

Glad you asked. Faith is trust. If you believe in something, you have a form of faith. You believe in yourself, good. Work with that. It’s because you do that you’ve accomplished what you have. If you didn’t believe, you wouldn’t have tried, much less succeeded.

Now, just have fun, enjoy what you are setting out to do. If you enjoy it, you will be more apt to finish it. If you have an encourager, listen to them. If you don’t have an encourager, come to the WA community and WE will be your encourager.

Say this with me:


Get ready. Get set. GO!!!

Sunday, January 1, is my starting point. By this time next year, awesome things will happen for me and mine. I claim it and aim for it. Come with me and we will have a great year!


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