Goodbye to a dearly loved friend.

Honey Goodbye to a dearly loved friend.

This is the last picture of our 12 year-old boxer, Honey Bun. She started to develop a tumor on her right rear leg about a year ago. The vet said to leave it alone because if he tried to remove it, the cancer would just spread throughout her body. If we left it, she would probably be with us another year.

It was not easy watching her struggle with it growing, but she was always tail wagging and happy, though we noticed she had pain some days and more often as time went on. We got some pain pills from the vet and she did well until the night of November 17, then the tumor ruptured and she bled quite a bit. We called the vet in the morning of the 18th and he said she would soon start hemorrhaging and die by bleeding to death.

We didn’t want her to go through the trauma and distress of the night before again, so my wife (whose dog Honey was, decided to have her put down. We took her to the vet’s and even though we saw that she was in good spirits and walked in on her own with tail wagging and grinning that boxer grin, she was not going to get better so we went ahead and put her down.

I stayed with her for the whole process and they gave her two shots – one to relax her and the second to send her home. (If there is a dog heaven, I’m sure that’s where she is tonight). This was so hard. She was always snuggling up to me on the couch or at night, she quite often slept between my wife and myself. In fact, I have had several family members die and didn’t even cry. This was so different. I asked God why I felt so much loss. His answer was that I was so much closer to my dog than to even the people I loved, that it hit me harder. She will be sorely missed.

We do have 3 other boxers in our house, but, even though the puppy my wife purchased for just such a time as this, looks almost identical, she is definitely not Honey. Her name is Sunshine and she is the bounciest dog we’ve ever had. Can’t replace Honey, but helps fill the void.

Here are a couple earlier pictures of Honey:

Honey puppyHoney relaxed

Honey sketchyoung honey Younger Honey blowing bubbles.

The new puppy in February. puppy Sunshine

Sunshine in June. She eats like there is no tomorrow, but just grows and no fat!

She will carry on the ‘happy’ part of Honey.

Thanks for bearing with me while I share these memories.

happy Still happy in spite of.


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye to a dearly loved friend.”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dog.

    It’s never easy losing a friend, especially one that doesn’t argue and really does seem to be
    a best friend.

    Every pet from ducks, to horses, cow, cats, pigs and dogs have always hurt when we had to put them down or they passed away.

    I just don’t think there’s any way to get around it; the loss hurts no matter what species it is.

    If you have any advice on how one might be able to work through loss of a loved one, please add the information for others to learn from.

    Thank you for sharing your heart, it helps to know we’re not alone in our loss,



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