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My wife likes green plants. To be exact, she likes green TROPICAL plants. Big ones. Small ones. Big leaves or small leaves. Spiky or not spiky. She just loves green tropical plants. Plain or fancy leaves. Small and skinny. Tall and fat. Tropical plants are where she’s at.

Some may flower. Some may not. Tropical plants are what she’s got. Just about every room in the house has plants. (Our air is really fresh, even with 4 boxer dogs at home).


If you are a “plant person”, you know that every plant has its favorite amount and type of sunlight. If placed in its least favorite spot, it will just give up and die. In its favorite – it thrives.

PROBLEM. There are only so many windows in a house. We also have exterior French doors and exterior sliding doors which provide a larger area of sunlight. The next challenge is making sure each one gets the PROPER amount and kind of sunlight. Some like it hot. Some like it cold. (Some like it in the pot, 3 days old! Sorry. Couldn’t resist.) Also, there are the complications of 4 directions: NSEW. Different times and strengths of sunlight.

The result of these varying conditions is that “there’s a whole lot of moving going on”. Guess WHO moves the big ones? By big I mean like a Peace Lilly we had for years that reached 6 feet high and 7 feet wide (almost no room left in the “Living room”!?)

With over 30 plants, clutter is inevitable. (See picture above)


What do you do to bring some semblance of order? Plant stands. As you can see, most anything will be called into service to accommodate the needs of the “green kids”. (If you don’t think they’re family, try killing one or moving it without permission.)

We have utilized stools, buckets turned upside down, windowsills, floor space and PLANT STANDS. If you want to see the one main stand, we use click the blue link. [I do receive remuneration from Amazon if anyone chooses to purchase an item.]

My wife loves this and finds it easy to move her plants from spot to spot finding a plant’s favorite. We have other stands such as a coffee table; 3 foot long by 20 inches high chest made by my youngest son and another 2-layer 4 foot high by 4 foot long by 24 inches wide specially made stand for my wife’s medium-sized plants. Of course, we still find other ‘helpers’ to place the rest, but the one I got her for Christmas is her favorite.

To me, this picture is the proper place for tropical plants. (Don’t tell my wife I said so!)

jungle plantsWell, I’ve stuck my neck out far enough for this blog. Hope my wife doesn’t learn computer or I might have some explaining to do.


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