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An old gospel song started like this, ” I am so happy, tell me why you’re happy. I am so happy. Tell me why you’re happy, so I can be happy too…”.


There are many things that make people happy. It varies from person to person.

Having fun makes some happy. Getting a good meal makes others happy (especially if they are VERY hungry!). A new car, house, bike etc., makes others happy.

Getting an “A” on a paper or test is also a source of joy. Making your first sale on WA makes many Wealthy Affiliate members happy. Becoming an expert at something releases a feeling of euphoria. Landing a “whopper” fish makes another ecstatic.

Eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream (I’m eating one now, yum!) makes someone else happy.

As you can see from this small sampling, there are many ways to be happy. Also, there are many levels of happiness. Here are some:

  • belly-holding-rolling-on-the-floor-happiness
  • slight grin happiness
  • laughing so hard the tears flow
  • snickering
  • ear-to-ear grinning
  • laughing until you hiccup
  • warm, gentle smile of pleasure happiness
  • yuck-yuck laughing
  • body-shaking laughing

I’m sure you could add to this list (why not? Go ahead.).


Some people get enough religion to be miserable. Not me. I get (got) enough to be happy. Believing in something worthwhile brings different levels of happiness. For example:

  1. Training and winning at baseball
  2. Flying a combat jet to successfully win a war
  3. Attaining a hard fought for college degree
  4. Getting the perfect job
  5. Getting married to the girl/guy of your dreams (good dreams that is)
  6. Having healthy children
  7. Writing and ranking on Goole your first blog post
  8. (For you, TheAbie) having a bowl of strawberries and cream.

All of these take a measure of faith (belief) except, maybe the strawberries. If you want to be happy and help someone else to be happy 2, you must believe you can. strawberry pufs [Happy Abie?]


I like about writing on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, is that I can write about ANYTHING with a sense of proposed value. I enjoy encouraging, helping, lifting, and enlightening those who read my posts. I want you to come back again and again. There is much to share from almost 77 years of living and traveling to all 50 states and 7 countries. Many types of people and foods have helped me to see how great this world really is. I am rarely bored as there are too many things happening around me.

For example, today was far from boring. Started out with driving a friend 18 miles away to get her medications. Had an issue at the pharmacy and had to go to her clinic to get it straightened out, then back to pharmacy and home. Then I had to transport her husband to Omaha, Nebraska for an after surgery consult (200 miles round trip). Then after getting home…

You get the picture. I enjoy helping people, so this kind of day happens quite often. Then in addition, I do handyman jobs, write my books and blogs for WA. NOTE: I am retired!


Growing, glowing and going. I enjoy writing these blogs and sharing good stuff with all you wonderful people.

Be blessed. happy

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