FAT ALBERT Fat AlbertThis is the character who made the above saying popular.

Some of you may remember the Cosby Kids cartoon series. The were funny and taught good lessons and morals.

I have chosen him as an example of the “go gett’em” attitude. It never seemed to matter what the problem, Albert would shout out his, “Hey, hey, hey!” and charge right into the issue. He didn’t always get it right the first time, but he didn’t quit and he ALWAYS helped his friends.

Just looking at his picture, you can feel his energy and the joy he exuded as he charged into the task. Though he obviously had weight issues, he didn’t let that slow him down.

We, at Wealthy Affiliate, need to take an example from him. I will explain how this applies to us, if you will bear with me for a short lesson on ‘attitude’. Of course, none of US have ‘attitude’. Right? Riiiight.

THE POST GHOST post ghost

It’s almost Halloween so it’s time for ‘ghosts’ to show their ‘spooky’ selves and try to bring fear to the forefront in our endeavors. The ‘Post Ghost” (Mike you might be familiar with this apparition), seeks to bring fear into the creation of our wonderful, witty, winsome and wise comments we try to expand on to aid others to find answers to critical questions. Our very “reson de taut” (don’t know if I got that right, being I don’t speak French. Feel free to correct me.), ‘reason for being’ here at WA is for this stated purpose.

When we begin the process of writing a blog/post the ‘post ghost’ tries to dissuade us, side-track or just get us to quit, postpone, procrastinate or feel we will just fail if we try or we really don’t have anything of use to share.

BUNK! We are writers and thinkers with GREAT opinions we MUST share.

Take this blog for example. We all face times of writer’s block, being worn out, just not in the mood or too many things on our plate. So how do we move past these hindering hills, hollows and mountains? We punt! That’s a football term for “when you can’t seem to move forward because the other team is keeping you back, kick the ball deep into their territory and try to catch them closer to your goal and further from theirs”. Good strategy! And it works – most of the time.

‘Punt’ for us means write something anyway. The ideas will come as we move forward. When I sat down to write something, I didn’t know where to begin or what needed to be said, but as I began, suddenly “Hey, hey, hey!” echoed inside me. Fat Albert (and I couldn’t remember his name. Had to search on Google for black cartoon characters to find him. It worked!), was calling out to me, just as his character did for his friends in the cartoon series. He was so big, nobody wanted to get in his way, so he charged right through.

Remembering his tactics, I decided to ‘charge right through’ this blog and bring you hope and help when you face the ‘post ghost’. I stopped being afraid and like Albert, I started writing. (How am I doing so far?)


I can still hear that excited, gravely ‘nothing can stop me’ voice ringing out in his ‘battle charge’. What’s holding you back?

Here are some thoughts –

  • too tired
  • can’t think of anything
  • don’t have enough to say (check out theAbie, Strawberry Princess – short and sweet – and she adds strawberries)
  • With all the things we have done, we have something to say – good or bad
  • do I want to lift up or put down
  • what have I learned that someone else might benefit from (even a good cheesecake recipe)
  • where was I 20, 10, 5 years ago? Could I share about that? Would it help someone?
  • If you need ideas, ask the community. We have ALL been there.

Maybe one of your favorite characters who inspired you in the past, is shouting, “Tell them about me!” So tell us.

I was amazed at the response to my blog on WP “Me, me, me…”. Many people just thanked me for sharing about who I am. What about you? What have you done? Been a farmer? There are a lot of city folk who have never been on a farm and don’t know what really goes on there. (Some interesting stuff!)


I had nothing in mind to say and here I am at 765 words! Fat Albert, thank you. You saved my day and I think we might have helped somebody – hope so.

I have faith that the process works and have had fun sharing with you. Be blessed and be happy!happy WARREN

2 thoughts on “HEY, HEY, HEY!”

  1. I appreciated you sharing your vulnerability and your dedication. I loved Fat Albert as well growing up! I love how you associated him and his determined attitude with our blog writing. Sometimes just taking the first step to sit down and start is all it takes to have the rest of it come to us. I also appreciated you pointing out that Fat Albert didn’t always get it right the first time. I find that as I continue in my trainings and building my blog, I find myself going back to past articles and reviewing and revising them to make them even better. Life is a learning journey and you helped me remember some old lessons, and learn something new today as well, so thank you. 

    • Thanks for the comment. I used to really enjoy the Fat Albert cartoons and watched as many as I could. Long time ago though, but still good.

      As you can appreciate there are connections with our task now and things like this make it fun to share. 


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