new friends “Hey, let’s be friends, OK?

Question: How do porcupines hug?

Answer: Verrry carefully!


MEETING NEW PEOPLE – from all over the world – is one of the coolest parts of WA.

People from every ethnic background, every level of economy, every color, language (wish I could speak more than English), and every kind of dream.

If you enjoy this, you are in the right place. We members of WA genuinely experience growth and expansion as we share life and interaction through blogs, comments, training and teaching. We share our personal profiles, experiences, losses and victories. WA’s use serious stuff, fun stuff and just stuff. Helping each other move forward and encouraging in the difficult times.

This is better than social networks because it is not gossip or junk, it is for the purpose of helping other members become successful at the level they desire.

Suggestions, advice, direction, encouragement, teaching, questions, and more, are involved in this process. Whether one is a ‘newbie’ or 15 year veteran, we all learn and grow together.

I know; I am a ‘newbie’. 3 months in and thoroughly convinced WA is bringing me through the steps necessary to grow a thriving, fun and financially enriching business.


When Kyle and Carson, creators and owners of Wealthy Affiliate, sent immediate comments and welcomes to ME, the first day I joined and shared my profile, it assured me I was in the right place. When I suddenly received many other comments congratulating me on my choice to join WA, I was impressed that I was cared for and wanted in this venue.

This is before I decided to upgrade. I found immediate reinforcement and direction to move into the FREE training.

These INTRODUCTIONS were vital for me and as I read their profiles, I realized I was in a highly talented membership. A membership of over 2,000,000.

This was definitely KEY to my being here now and why I am working hard to emulate their example.


Are you looking for a great business? Looking for caring people? Trying to find training that doesn’t cost 2 arms and a leg? Aiming to put your failures behind and move into a future that meets your needs and desires?

I think you, as I, will find an echo in the voices you will be introduced to here in Wealthy Affiliate.

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