Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes. This is my ‘Home Sweet Home”, viewing from South. It is a double wide manufactured home which we bought in 2000. Dimensions are: 30′ x 50′ = 1500 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a large kitchen with breakfast nook (Mary’s tropical plant space), laundry area, 20′ x 14′ living room, and a 10′ x 14′ dining room.

This is an open concept so coming in the front door, you can see 40’ to the northeast corner. It’s bigger than it looks. We also have decks on the East and North equaling 744 square feet. I built them all.street view

Street view from West. We planted all the blue spruce. south side

South side view from neighbor’s yard.


North side with new 360 square foot deck, including planters and pot holders. east

East side with stairs down for dog yard (cattle fencing) and another blue spruce tree (my wife’s favorite!).


Workshop and more blue spruce trees.


Raspberry bushes trimmed for winter on right. Pails with bottoms cut out over strawberry plants (pails discourage wildlife eating them).

BTW the house in the background is where our county Sheriff lives. Nothing like my own personal policeman! name

This last picture is just to show you it really is our house.

This home sits on a double lot 120′ x 183′, almost 1/2 acre right in our city. God is good.


Here’s the story behind our home. In 1999, we began looking for a double wide home. I have been in construction while starting and pastoring churches, so we had no home of our own. Prior to this we either ha a parsonage (2 out of 7 churches pastored), or we rented a home.

We started our search close to where we were ministering and, in the process, looked at around 29 homes and then we found this one. We couldn’t buy that year (1999), but in 2000 I sensed God leading us to purchase our home. This model, which we loved, was still on the sales lot and was being re-carpeted to ready it for sale. When I checked on financing, the sales manager assured me we could get any home on the lot for our credit was good.

It only took a few minutes to agree on this home, get the paperwork done and set up a delivery time. The church I was pastoring then allowed us to set up for the new home. I paid and laid all the water, sewer, and concrete piers to set it on (32 piers, set 4 feet in the ground), with the electric, gas and water/sewer connects placed by those companies. In just one week we had our home and moved in.

When we finished pastoring this church, the leadership wanted the home moved, so we looked for land in Corning next to family. It was scarce, but God is faithful, and our faith was not disappointed as you can see above.

We had favor with the property owners of this double lot and were able to purchase it at a great price.

Again, I did the underground prep work and a week later we were in our home again. This was 100 miles from our original spot. Again, I have to say, God is faithful.

The FUN part is we get to live here, 22 years now, and are enjoying our retirement.

If some of you like hearing about our adventure, I will give you some inside pictures one of these days.

I’m just a little proud of what the Lord has blessed us with and am ever thankful for this blessing. happy Warren

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