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Feeling froggy, jump! Jumping is what healthy frogs do. Jump right. Jump left. Forward, back, or side ways; high or low, jumping is the way they go. Green sheen, tongue mean, catching flies and bugs; chug-a-lug, another bug. Day or night, they put up a fight to win their lunch, munch and crunch. Skinny frogs are rare to see, because they are always hunting to fill that empty spot just beyond their tongue.

Blogs resemble hunting frogs. They are looking to connect with inquisitive minds, or other kinds, who are hungry for more information, monetation and fun type situations. Many wonder what to write, but anything can fill your site – if you have something to say, that may, interest the wandering eye, seeking for THE right info, A special product, FUNNY stories, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, and the list is endless. That is because there are around 5 billion folks of all ages seeking THINGS, INFO and stuff most of us can’t think of, but Search Engines can surmise and find.

This means some searchers are looking for stuff to meet their needs and are willing to buy it if what you are blogging about fits the will and bill. As you can see, if you are still with me, blogs provide hunting frogs (customers) what they seek and this puts products in their possession and cash in yours.


happy people

There are people of infinite variety having been born, being born and who will be born. If there is one thing common to all, it is having fun. If you can find a job (work) that you enjoy, you really aren’t working, you are having fun. Blogging is fun!

Connecting with another person and helping them enjoy even a moment, makes it fun. I have one friend who blogs daily about his daily life, the things done by him, his dogs, his cat, his family, his friends and his job(s). He has a lot of people following him because he makes it personal with pictures and information. All the characters, animal or human, have roles to play in his daily drama. In addition, he helps others with their growth and issues with sage and usually witty advice. He also encourages those looking for a fun way to make a living, to try what he does through his blog, which he created with Wealthy Affiliate, a blog based affiliate marketing company with over 2 million members who are ready to help each other succeed.

Another fun blogger is Abie, the Strawberry Princess. She shares on many levels, from strawberry info, to her latest money making projects and is always ready to connect you with online lessons that take you step by step through the ‘how to’ parts of making blogging fun and ‘bringing home the bacon’.

I named my website faith-and-fun.com because I love to have fun and I love to help people increase in faith (believing). Whether that is religious faith or believing in yourself. Faith is essential to accomplishing anything! Sports, careers, life enjoyed, family, and so on.


Together we can accomplish many things. If you find a friend who helps you succeed, you have found a friend indeed! Not many people care enough to follow through with us in this department. When you blog with a light or heavy heart, but find a way to share so that others want to help and join with you, you will never be alone or stay heavy hearted long.


Notice the picture. Strength added to strength. Ethnicity doesn’t matter. Nationality only adds flavor to the mix. People are people all over the world. We love, laugh, and live similarly, yet uniquely.

And ALL of us like to LAUGH! Deny it and you are a walking dead man or woman. A zombie in today’s affectations.

Let’s win the battle for the living! Help someone today. Enjoy it and then share it with others to make their day.


Warren G. Blaisure


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