Honey dog

Our Boxer Honey Bun

This is our boxer dog Honey Bun. She is 12 years old and full of energy. You would think she is a puppy by her energy level. She is our happiest dog and is really gentle and loving.

Sunshine pup This pup looks like our new puppy, Sunshine. She sure is mouthy and has sharp teeth and claws. High energy and 10 weeks old. She has grown from 5 lbs. to around 10 lbs. in the 3 weeks we have had her. Loves to chew – everything! Her legs have grown to twice their length at 8 weeks.

Penelope - Penny This brindle is similar to our boxer Penny. She is 7 years old and thinks she is the Alpha dog of the house. She thinks she ought to be the first and most petted and loved dog of the house. Her sister, Brooklyn Jane (Brooke), stays at our house during the day while her “Mom” serves as a Postal Person.

When someone comes to the door, the circus starts with crowd style noisy barking! Wow! We need ear plugs when that happens, but we have been unable to get them to stop, in spite of trying numerous stop-bark methods and equipment, so we learned to live with it. Not their fault, they’re just being protective and are sounding the alarm.


Most of the time our dogs are ensconced on our couch. They love to sit or lay next to us as we sit on the couch, but when we get up, they stretch out and takeover. This makes it difficult to keep the furniture clean because, they shed hair continuously.

The way we deal with that is to cover the couch and chairs with dog protective covers. We found some good ones on Amazon. To check them out click the link above. (I am an Amazon Associate and do receive remuneration for sales of these items.)

We have been very happy with their performance and are ready to get new ones after 2 years of use. As a short review of the product, they are inexpensive, easy to install, washable, great color, reversible and durable. They have protected our couches and chairs very well. The dogs like them.


First thing to note: our dogs run more than walk, especially outside. They seem the happiest running back and forth in their fenced area and barking at the squirrels, birds, other dogs and passing people. I think they have more fun while being mouthy at all and sundry.

Second: we often take them to a fenced baseball field or track so they can really run.

Third: they love to go for walks around town, on a leash of course.

running boxer IS THIS FUN, OR WHAT?


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