This is true. Crappie fishing IS more fun than a broken toe! If you don’t believe me, go fishing and then break your toe. I think you will agree fishing for Crappie is more fun.

Crappie This little guy gives lots of fun in the form of:

  • lots of action
  • puts up a mighty tussle for a small fry
  • fairly easy to catch
  • kids and grandkids love to catch them (if you put the worm on and take the fish off.)
  • tasty, either scaled or filleted; fried, baked or batter dipped.
  • nice, white meat
  • low ‘fishy’ flavor
  • find them close to shore and in 2-3 feet of water


    1. Where are the crappies biting in Iowa? Lake Rathbun, Moravia Lake Rathbun is Iowa’s perennial crappie hot spot. Anglers catch them by the dozens.
    2. How do you fish for crappie in Iowa?

Image result for Iowa crappie fishing reportAnglers can fish from shore or boat. Shore anglers have a wide choice, fishing by wading or from the shore, a dock or jetty. Wading is best, especially in the springtime when crappies are in shallow water.

Crappie Fishing – Iowa Department of Natural Resources

What is the limit on crappie in Iowa? For all Inland waters and Interior Streams and River impoundments. There is a daily bag limit of 3 and a possession limit of 6.

Iowa Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations –

    1. How do you fish for crappie?

;Image resultThe most common method used for catching crappie is the spider rigging method, which can be done with many popular baits. Some of the most common and effective crappie baits are live minnows, crank baits, or plastic jigs with lead jig heads.

How To Fish For Crappie – Bass Online

    1. How do you process crappie? This crappie filleting process is basically just your standard filleting method. You take the knife put it under the fins and you cut down to the backbone and then all the way up to the top of the head. Once you have made that initial cut, you run your knife along the top of the backbone and down towards the tail. 2021

Simple Crappie Filleting Process (Step-by-Step) | Angling Buzz

    1. How many Poles can you use in Iowa? You cannot use more than three tip-up fishing devices. You can use two or three hooks on the same line, but the total number of hooks used by each person cannot exceed three. Each tip-up fishing device used in fishing must have a tag attached, plainly labeled with the owner’s name and address. 2011

5 lines in Iowa? – General Discussion Forum | In-Depth Outdoors

    1. How do you find crappie in a lake?

; Part of a video titled Find crappie on a new lake - YouTube7:4718:36And you only got two hours or so then I would highly suggest trolling until you find them.

Find crappie on a new lake – YouTube


First: Crappie fishing is NOT crappy!

Second: light lines, poles and tackle make it more fun.

Third: Don’t break your toe or this WON’T be fun!

Warren G. Blaisure

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