It’s winter, chatter, chatter!

This is what it looks like outside my home.

Twenty-two degrees here in Iowa today. Light snow overnight with most of it sticking to the trees like above. Pretty but not nice for this fella. Some folks love this weather. I’m not one of them.

It makes my teeth chatter and gives me goose pimples, if you know what I mean. My pup thinks it’s great. My older dog takes one look and retreats to the couch. Only an utter emergency for bladder relief moves her outside. Then it’s do her business and “Open that door!”.

I have to admit, God does a wonderful job of dressing up the outside with, of all things, frozen water. Only He could create marvelous things out of difficult circumstances. Thanks, God, for brightness in an otherwise unfriendly environment.

At least it covers some of the ugliness in this drab winter defoliated condition. Also, covers some man made messes.

If we look for it, there is always something to be thankful for.


Wealthy Affiliate (WA), members can learn a lesson from the above observations:

  • If you are in a cold (hard) place with your WA journey right now, remember Spring is coming!
  • There is beauty even in difficult times – if we look for it.
  • Even though you may be reduced to just the necessary, this too will pass.
  • We can learn from these circumstances things we can’t learn any other way.
  • There is beauty in learning new things even when it feels impossible. Impossible is only a state of mind. Change your mind, change your situation.
  • Be thankful for this time for it allows you to connect with others to get solutions. Someone else has been where you are right now. They can and will help. Ergo: Kyle, Carson and the community.
  • This allows, no insists, we change something to get rid if impediments and move on to success. Nothing like being forced to address change, rather than to retreat and lose out.

So if you are looking out your window and don’t like what you see, shudder if you must, but remember you are on the inside where it’s warm and cozy. Enjoy it because you may have to go out in the cold to get some necessary things done, but then you can ‘come in out of the cold’ again. fireplace

Does’t that look inviting?

What’s your least favorite time of year or maybe the thing you like to do least in WA?

Feel free to reply below. Love hearing from folks from all yokes.

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