Kids, rabbits Buniand learning, adds elements of each to answer some of life’s questions in a light-hearted manner. I wrote this book in weekly installments for our Sunday School children in Dunlap, Iowa. We didn’t have a graded school, so I had the children come to the altar area, sit down with me and I read the story to them. Interestingly, the adults seemed to pay as much attention as the children (two birds with one stone?).

Some chapter titles are:

  • Close Call
  • Bruiser’s Name
  • Big Ears
  • Trouble at Troublesome Creek
  • My Money – God’s Money
  • A Case of the Bumbleberries
  • Yucko Food!


In today’s busy lifestyles, parents find it difficult to slow down enough to spend time with their children before bedtime. Buni Tales is an aide to accomplishing this. The stories are from 3-5 minutes long, interesting and easy to read; and understand.

The characters are endearing and fun. Each chapter heading contains a picture of the main Buni the story is about. Fifteen different subjects are engaged with real life answers and examples. (Be careful parents, you might learn some important things as you share with your child(ren)! lol

Something else to consider is that sharing a story with a child, helps set the mood for a good night’s sleep and sometimes opens a door for communication that aids their development.

Kids, rabbits and learning has purpose in that it enables all three venues to work together so that the child has vision of cute, fuzzy rabbits who are dealing with things the child has to and gives direction to deal with them. This is a win-win-win situation.

This review by author, Warren G. Blaisure, is from his heart and concern that our children grow up with hope and help to become solid, informed citizens.

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