laugh Does she look happy or not? Duh! Lame question. You should try this sometime SOON. Laughter really is the BEST medicine. Here are some reasons why:

  1. It tastes good. Medicine not so good.
  2. It looks good. NO medicine LOOKS good.
  3. It works immediately. Medicine takes time. If you’re hurting, that’s not good.
  4. It touches others. Medicine is just for you.
  5. It is infectious. Medicine STOPS infection.
  6. It produces endorphins which are good for you. Medicine?
  7. It gives hope. Medicine might.
  8. It assists healing (more pleasant than stitches). Medicine is supposed to.
  9. NOTE: I’d rather laugh than take a pill or get a shot. Wouldn’t you?


yes and no Even ‘not-so-handsome faces’ are easier to look at if smiling.

Just a warning, the following statements are from my perspective. You may or may not agree with them.


Let me know if you agree and why. OR, let me know if you don’t agree and why.


  • Laughter makes one look better.
  • Laugh lines (wrinkles) are more attractive than worry lines.
  • Having fun is more enjoyable than having trouble.
  • ‘Eating crow’ is not fun.
  • Eating ice cream is more fun than eating beans.
  • Beans create gas. Passing gas is a relief to the one passing it, but not to those around him/her.
  • Smiling is contagious. Try just smiling and not saying anything in a group. Watch it catch on.
  • Smiling is easier than frowning.
  • Spontaneous laughter can’t be helped, it just bursts its bonds and jumps into freedom.
  • Happiness is healthy. Unhappiness dries the bones.
  • Smile awhile and give your face a rest!

There once was a boy named “Boo”,

And you might ask me, “Boo” who?

I’d answer your cry,

If you’d tell me why,

you knew his full name was “Boo Hoo”.

Limericks are full of tricks but bring out a laugh or a groan. So be careful, I say, or I’ll show you the way, to find yourself all alone.

(These are original and may be painful to some, so don’t be a bore, or I’ll give you some more, and tell you to go suck your thumb.)



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