To lighten the load we have to dump stuff.

Here it’s just dirt. BTW it doesn’t hurt to dump “dirt”. That is, get rid of the junk in your life. That will lighten your load for sure!


My job on this site is to “lighten the load” for as many as I can. That is why I call it Faith and Fun. As you get rid of hindering, hopeless, and horrible stuff, you can replace it with good, fine and worthy things – things of value; things that improve your move; things that get you in the grove and give you a boost.

If you are looking for ways to replace some of the garbage in your life or stuff that just continues to get in the way, then this post and some to follow should help in that process. Understand, it is a process. People rarely change overnight, but it can happen to the determined and resolute who have set themselves to “never quit”, and have the”need to succeed”.


Choices, choices, choices! Life is full of choices. Today, as you read this post, you will be offered some choices. Your decision(s) could (should) change your life. It will take several things on your part:

  • evaluate what is offered
  • decide if this will help with your set of difficulties
  • if that is affirmative, take the first step and commit
  • get that move set in your life and practice it faithfully (this takes faith, belief, in its value for you)
  • even though this is a serious deal, plan to enjoy (have fun) in the process
  • happy people are ALREADY successful
  • once you start, commit to follow through to achieve the freedom you seek
  • there are many steps to full success, be prepared to do them
  • while you are in this process, look for others who could use what you are learning and bring them along; this will help you and them to make it because, lifting loads is easier with help
  • when you reach your goal, learn to maintain so you don’t lose what you worked hard to achieve
  • lastly, when you gain the change, help others do the same.



When you start to lighten your load of junk, picture what you can be when the transformation is complete. If you don’t see your goal, at least get a picture of what you’d like to be. Successful people ALWAYS visualize their goal.

As someone wisely said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Get a picture in your mind of what you aim to accomplish. If it’s to become wealthy, learn what it means to BE wealthy. Then learn what it takes to get there; aim and fire!

We have so many resources available today that just about anything you want to become has a source of information to get you there. The internet is the most powerful tool to find these things ever known to man. Avail yourself of this source. In fact, that’s just what you are doing reading this blog. Getting vital information to enable a change in your life from failure to success. The things I have already shared should help set you in motion in the right direction.


People who want to win, place things around them to encourage advancement. Some things they use are:

  1. Pictures of what they want
  2. Positive sayings on plaques, posters and signs
  3. Daily devotionals (religious or otherwise) that keep them on track
  4. Mentors (if they can find them) willing to guide them in this makeover
  5. Doing DAILY what is required to reach the goal
  6. Friends who ALWAYS encourage and lift them up (get rid of all others)


I will add two aids to help you along the way:

First, the reason you are able to read this post is because I found a wonderful platform to enable me to share with you. If you will take a look at this resource, I believe it will help you on your way –

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Second, is a fun encourager. This can be obtained from Etsy. The link and picture follow.

These little potatoes will give you a smile and help keep you positive and on track every time you see them.

(Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Etsy and if you should purchase this, I will receive a small percentage for connecting you with them. Thanks for looking.)

I hope this start has helped. Let me know in the reply section below. Thanks. More to follow.


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