VIVID PINK LILLY This luscious Lilly pick is one of my favorites. We grow a variety of lilies, so I’m sharing some of our best shots.

tiger yellowSlightly out of focus, but these tiger yellows boldly greet passersby with a fresh perspective. Though they have slim stems, they put on a bright show.Shouting Orange I call these “Shouting Orange”. They don’t have voices, but they shout out “look at me” and you can’t resist.piles of petunias

These Petunias just keep “piling” it on. Bursting with color and exuberance, they draw honey bees and hummingbirds to add to their symphony. Can you hear their music?

Hibiscus Hibiscus hold a special place in my wife’s heart. Their wonderful huge blooms hold your attention while delighting your eyes with their amazing brilliant color. I call this “Outrageous Orange”.

pale pink Pale Pinks set off by medium green foliage and backed by Blue Spruce bring a peaceful moment as they standalone and on their own, not needing company to detract from their simple beauty.Lilly party THE LILLY PARTY! Doesn’t this bring a sense of a garden party with bright, colorful frocks and little girls dancing and prancing to joyous music?

Lilly? I’m not sure if this is a Lilly, but it sure is pretty and I couldn’t leave it all by its lonesome, so I included it with its friends.


I’m sure we are not experts in this field, but we sure enjoy the color and freshness of the different types. Maybe some of you could share your floral friends with the WA crowd. We sure like pics, so pick (pun intended) some good ones to share.

This one was just for fun. Hope it feeds your faith in the beauty that surrounds us.

Hey Kyle, how’s YOUR garden coming?


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