house remodeling

This is a usual wrecking crew. Working alone doing this, is not. Ergo, I am not normal. Good, but not normal.

I used to tackle just about any job, but wisdom is known by her years. At 77, I don’t try everything. I’ve gotten selective.

Sometimes, for a friend or old customer, I will do the extreme, such as a job I am doing now for a friend whose tenant destroyed his farm house rental and left about 4 – 20 yard loads of garbage, trash and just junk.

It will cost about $10,000.00 to rip out and repair. Here are some pictures of my progress to date.

In addition to Living Room, small bedroom and bath, I must tear out both exit doors and replace with new pre-hung exterior doors, remove and replace two single hung windows, move part of washing machine/dryer and move bath wall 4″ to accommodate full sized appliances, repair flooring where needed, move plumbing where needed, repair kitchen sink base, repair cabinet drawer, replace broken outlets, install 3 ceiling lights, and paint/caulk throughout house. Plus excavate under one side of main bedroom (not shown), shore up floor and weatherproof area. Also install 3/4 quarter round throughout.

I figure about 150 hours to complete. Big project for my age. But for a friend?!


To brag about what a 77-year old can do? Not really, though I am privileged to be able to do this now.

I really have an applicable motive. I want to make some Wealthy Affiliate connections.


  • Disasters can be turned into useful stuff
  • Dirty work is no reason not to turn things around
  • Improvements take time, cost money and effort
  • Satisfaction comes from successful improvements
  • Balancing the work with family, other work, and proceeding to the finish in an acceptable time table is necessary

Think about the construction phase before the finished product as a normal need for WA posts as well as adding a larger venue for future business. This means interaction with other bloggers and reviews from satisfied customers. This leads to more business and more business means more money.

Do the construction right and success will surely follow.

Just some thoughts from a practical viewpoint.

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