Metabo 12' miter sawMetabo 12″ double bevel, sliding compound miter saw.

I’ve got to tell you about my MITER SAW MELODIES. I’m singing about this green, black and silver beauty as the best buy for the money I have found in about 40+ years of using saws. Bought mine 6 years ago (thereabouts) and have put it to just about every configuration you can imagine in construction work.

Besides this Wealthy Affiliate website, I also have a handyman business (Corning Handyman in Corning, Iowa). Quite a contrast of interests, eh?

I enjoy building decks the most of all my construction projects. This saw handles dimension lumber (even 4″x4″ posts PT), with ease. Using a 12″ – 60 tooth carbide blade has given me the ability to cut cleanly up to 2″ x 12″ stock. Angle cuts are a breeze whether straight or bevel. The ability to manufacture these compound angles enables me to really get creative for a multiple of applications.

It’s a little heavy at 78.5 pounds, but that helps stabilize it when cutting longer stock. The model pictured above is a refurbished saw, but is in excellent condition. If you want new, the price just about doubles. (Your choice.)

I find this simple to set up in saw horses or you may invest in a portable or permanent table to mount it on. I’m just old-fashioned and to be honest – cheap. lol

My FAITH in this tool is that it is great and has stood up to some very rough usage and been left outside in rain, snow and sun with NO adverse effects. A little WD 40 helps keep everything running smoothly.

And it is FUN to create decks my wife enjoys, which means there must be LOTS of room for big (24″ across) pots, places on the railing for planters and spots to hold pots for more flowers.deck

This deck is 10′ x 36′, free floating (not on concrete piers) and as yet, not stained or sealed. Seasoning the wood (2 years in this case) enables me to get a better bond with the sealer. Too soon and the pressure treatment chemicals don’t let it bond as well and so you have to seal more often.

All together we have over 700 square feet of decking on 3 sides of our home. We enjoy being able to get ‘decked’ pretty much any time of day.

By the way, the window and door in the picture above have been removed and a 5-foot set of French doors have replaced them.


  • baseboard
  • molding
  • crown molding
  • 90 degree straight finish cuts
  • double angle cuts for splash trim above foundation at bottom of siding
  • gable end angle siding cuts
  • laminate flooring

And the list goes on.

Metabo 12″ double bevel, sliding compound miter saw.


The rating for this tool is 4.0 out of 5.0. That’s pretty high and my personal rating is a 5.0.

To get more info, follow the link. Also, if you decide this is for you, and you purchase, I do receive a small percentage from Amazon for telling you about it. (Another reason to sing?)

To me, happiness is a great tool for the right job.


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