my deckHere’s My best deck. my deck 3my deck 2

And the flowers.

my deck 4my deck 6my deck 5      This project was mostly for my wife (57 years married!) and cost about $6,000.00 to complete.

I had a little help from my 82-year-old brother-in-law (1 day) and a couple of hours from a neighbor’s grandson. The rest was done by me. Took 7 days all together to complete. By the way, I am 76 years old. God is good!


Sitting in our deck chairs and sipping lemonade; visiting with each other at the end of a busy day. Surrounded by flowers, tomato plants (in pots), and citrus trees (lemon, lime and orange – in pots; take inside for winter).

Sometimes we grill Ballpark all beef hot dogs, have homemade potato salad and miscellaneous snacks. UMM, umm!

AND fresh sweet corn with slurpy, red delicious watermelon!!! This is better than a vacation!

OTHER FLOWERS WE GROWflowers 1flowers 2

flowers 4 As you can see, we like lilies. We also like Petunias, Hibiscus and Carnations. (Sorry, no picture of Carnations). flowers 5

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. If so, please comment below.

Just a short message today. I will expand on deck building in another post. Be blessed!

happy Warren

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