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The Mastercraft oscillating tool is my favorite tool! There are just so many things you can use it for. There are many other brands usually more expensive. But this one provides the versatility at an economical price. (Click on the link to see a picture of it)

Menards is where I get it here in the states. Several important factors:

  1. works great for cutting many types of materials from plastic to wood, sheetrock, light metal, etc.
  2. it uses a plunge cut rather than the way traditional saws cut.
  3. there are various types, shapes and sizes/widths for different materials
  4. there are different blade thicknesses for durability
  5. carbide teeth are also available for longer lasting blade life and ability to cut thicker/harder materials

For several years, I looked at them, but they were too pricey for me, and I didn’t think I needed one. Finally, I had some ‘extra’ money, so I took the plunge (pun intended!) and purchased one. Wow was I surprised at the versatility. I started using it on everything I could. Not only was it fast, but I was also able to reach places I would have had to hand cut with a chisel and hammer.

It made cutting holes for outlets and switches simple and neat – and the right size! That could be in sheetrock or wood, or even ceramic tile. Cutting pipes – plastic, copper or iron – was fast and clean. I could even get artistic with this tool!


Each brand of oscillating tool has its own manufactured blades for its product. However, there are universal blades available from many companies. I will include a set at a good price from Amazon.

These blades have great reviews, and you get the set for $18.99 (at time of this writing) and there is a $2.00 coupon from the Honey app. (Disclaimer: I do receive remuneration if you decide to buy the blades. I do NOT receive anything at this time from Menards, I just like their product and warranty)

This is just a short review for those looking for a solution for a project or ongoing work. If you find this is your answer like I did, then I have helped a fellow human being solve a problem.

happy Fun for the creative being. Enjoy!


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