If I was in Australia…but I’m in Iowa. Still, this could be me. After all, I live on Nodaway Street. So I could nod-away on Nodaway.

Interestingly, most folk who live here are very busy and don’t “nod-away” easily. We work, play, and plan. Then “rinse and repeat”, just like most of this old world’s inhabitants.


To be realistic, being I am 76 years old, I do nod away at times (especially after a good lunch), howbeit not for long, I have work to do! This is just a “power nap”! I have more power and purpose AFTER the nap than before. This is a STRATEGIC retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rigors of daily life.

How rigorous can life be at 76? Enough to merit a Nodaway nap.


The purpose of this missive. Mastering anything takes time and effort. You may get weary in the process. The good Book cautions us to not “…get weary in well doing”. That means it is imperative to rest along the way so we will be enabled to finish the task in a timely manner. Ergo: nap time!

nap time Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Who says so? After a sound rest, it’s amazing what an ‘old dog’ can do.

Now understand, I don’t count myself to be old. I’m kind of like the 95-year old who, when asked what he considered old, replied, “Someone 15 years older than me.” When asked how I’m doing, I usually respond, “Not bad for a young fella.”

When I talk with people on the phone, I quite often have them say, “You don’t sound that old. You sound much younger, like 40 or 50.” I just say thank you and move along.


While Abie is a ‘non-stop machine’, most of us do better rested than worn out. My advice is, eat right, hydrate well, exercise some (let’s not over do it), and put your energies to the task while keeping a fresh perspective on the task(s) at hand.

refreshed Don’t look bad for 76, right?

Wish I looked that good. Come to think of it, never did. Oh well, My wife and friends still love me just as I am. That counts.

After some rest You will be refreshed and it is amazing how well you work and think in this refreshed state. I therefore encourage:

  1. First, stay in touch with yourself in order to know when you need to rest.
  2. Next, listen to your body and OBEY IT, rest.
  3. After resting, make sure you have eaten and drunk (not the alcoholic kind!), so you have the energy to proceed to the task.
  4. PROCEED…with clarity, diligence, excitement and purpose, completing the task.
  5. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK for a job well done.

Most members are trying to encourage us to jam, jam, jam. That’s tiring and produces stress and as Mike says, stress makes one non-productive (my interpretation of your post on stress).

Kyle just encouraged us to set, not a 1 months, 6 months, 1 year plan, but a (READY?) 10 year plan! Gonna need some nap time in there for sure.


You will do better, think better and accomplish more without the stress “accidents” sidetracking or slowing you down.

DON’T STOP! Just pause. Then continue – refreshed and successful.

You will be better off and happier with your results.

Warren BE… happy

Get it?

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