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We have 4 (count them) boxers, aged, 12, 7, 7 and 10 months. ALL, I repeat, ALL of them like our couch. They don’t climb on GENTLY, rather a running jump landing with all four paws (with claws!), tearing at the fabric. Then doing their ‘circle dance’ to get in just the right spot and flopping down for a snooze (Do-Not-Disturb sign displayed in attitude).


I like our couch also. It has 2 recliners and I get the right (right!) one, IF the aforementioned canines haven’t taken possession of it. If so, my will to sit there has to be greater than the culprit who has taken possession of ‘my spot’.

We have tried to persuade the ‘foursome’ not to get on there, but our inconsistent training has failed to prevail.


Being that this is the case, we decided to get some couch and chair covers so they would be protected and the pups would be happy (if they’re happy, we’re happy). This was the ‘next best’ solution. It works! For 2 years, that is, until the covers began to get frayed. But that was an easy and inexpensive fix – buy a new one!

Not bad at less than $35 from Amazon and two-day delivery with Prime.

We’re happy and good-looking again!

Let me recommend these covers as they work great and last very well (considering 4 dogs).

To view it, just click the blue link above and it will take you there. Hope it helps solve some folks problems like it did ours.

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