These are superior for cutting, especially for the price.

They have a 4.9-star rating of 5 stars from 646 ratings. Let me add one more. I have used all types of these and found them superior and worth the price.

My favorite is one I purchased this spring. I didn’t know they made them until then. They are for pruning. I purchased both 9″ and 12″ using the 9″ for most limbs and small trees I needed to remove. I used the 12″ to cut some larger (24+”) stumps down to ground level so I could mow over them. Worked great and it was cheaper and less cumbersome than a stump grinder (faster too).

When it comes to cutting cast iron, their cast iron blade cuts like a butter knife through soft butter and lasts for many cuts. I had a 4″ cast iron pipe I had to cut 5 times and the blade was still ready for more.

Their demolition blades do just that – demolish old plaster walls, cutting through hard iron square nails as easily as modern iron nails. Plaster doesn’t dull them fast, so you get a lot of cutting from one blade.

Cutting iron pipe up to 1/4″ thick is easy with their thick metal cutting blades. These also cut 1/4″ I-beams easily.

You can buy these blades separately or in multi-packs.

The blades can be found on Amazon. (Click the link)

(Note: if you purchase from Amazon, I receive a small percentage as an affiliate.)


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