snail My name is Joe. I go slow. No one needs to tell me to go slow, it’s in my nature. So don’t try to rush me.


There is a mountain in South Dakota I avoid – Mt Rushmore! You do understand why just starting to climb a mountain named like this, would cause pause. It’s outta my league. I couldn’t stand the pressure, let alone the heights.

But then I remember I don’t have to rush, even on Mt. Rushmore. It’s just a name, not the game. I can set my own pace and even though it might take me longer (sure will), I can, with persistence, climb this rock. I have the stuff to do it if I set my mind to it.

Mt. Rushmore

Rock climbers use their strength and agility, but I use slime and suction. Two different ways to climb. Mine is easier. I don’t leap from handhold to handhold (Look Ma, no hands!). I just slide upward using my slime to get a ‘grip’ and then slide over the rocks while keeping a firm grip on them. Eat your heart out, climbers, I don’t even work up a sweat!

One thing I have to do is commit myself to the task. This will take time. A lot of it! But the goal of reaching the top WILL be accomplished ’cause I don’t quit. Onward and upwards, that’s the plan, Stan, and I’m the “man” with the plan.

There are many different beings climbing this mountain. Some are naturals like, mountain goats. For them this is child’s play (even their kids jump and run quickly up and down the mountain). Then there are those who hunt the goats – mountain lions, wolves, bears and so on. They have to work really hard to catch those agile goats.

Then there is man. He can climb, but often needs to invent ways and things to get him up the mountain. If he is also hunting, he has to add camouflage and stealth to the process.

Not me! I am free. Set my own pace and win this race. Even if I come in, in 1,000th place, when I make it I have won, son. Besides, I’m not hunting anything but the top. Don’t worry about noise, I don’t make any.

Are there dangers? Yes. Some of those things on the mountain or flying above it, would love some “escargot” (French for snail – a delicacy to some). Soooo, move slow where they won’t go and safe I’ll be, watch and see. I’ll make it, me!


Let’s make a comparison to those desiring to “climb” the “mountain” of affiliate marketing even though they don’t feel they have the ability or smarts to do it:

  1. Like Joe, you don’t have to rush. All good things come to those who (actively) wait for them. By “actively”, I mean at least are committed to move forward in process, carefully and learning as they go, applying what they learn. Not just standing still waiting for “something” to happen.
  2. Joe is not a natural climber, he has to apply his basic moving skills, learning as he goes, and be determined to finish his course.
  3. Not be afraid of how long it takes, just keep on keeping on, until the task is done.
  4. Realizing that, though he doesn’t have the strength and agility of other climbers, he has advantaged of movement they know nothing about. This lets him “be free to be me”.
  5. Are there dangers on this affiliate journey? Yes. Of course. Nothing worth having comes easy or without resistance. Don’t let that stop you. You are unique and have your own set of abilities you can and will apply to the problems you face.

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Have fun and build your faith – you can do it!



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