I like waffles! Do you like waffles? I like to have good tasting, crunchy, nicely browned ones and with ours (the one above), I get hearts as well!

These are not the big, thick Belgian style, they are about 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick. They cook fairly quickly and can keep even hungary kids happy as there are 5 sections to each. When you butter them, the butter taste is clear (if you like butter). Pure Maple syrup works well without losing its sweet distinct flavor. Homeade jam or jelly, peanut butter or brown sugar go well also.

Throw on a couple of eggs (your style, I like mine over-easy), maybe some bacon or sausage, and you have a classic yummy breakfast (or anytime works too).


I know God is good and this just PROVES it – Great tasting things HAVE to come from God! And then on top of that, He gave somebody the idea and know-how to make this little gem. In addition, someone else figured out how to make a waffle mix that you just add water or milk to, stir well and pour onto the preheated waffle iron and WOW do they taste good.


Therefore, I always ‘give thanks’ to Him before I enjoy munching, crunching and savoring the sweetness on my tongue and in my happy tummy.

Are they fattening, you ask – of course – if you pig-out! This is a special treat, not a daily staple (for most of us).


Not really, just around $30.00 and sometimes there is a coupon to save a little more. However, it’s worth the money.

[Oh, by the way, Amazon wants me to tell you that if you like it and buy it, I get a small percentage of the sale. That’s ‘OK’, right? I get that for pointing you to good and fun eating.]


If you want more perspectives on this product, click the link above and it will take you to the Amazon site where you can read what others think about it. The ratings are as follows:

  • Easy to use – 4.7 of 5.0
  • Value for money – 4.6
  • Flavor – 4.6
  • Giftable – 4.5


Just put your imagination to work here. Heart shaped food. Smiley faces. Strawberries with whipped cream. Peanut butter & jelly. Stack them with toppings in between – 3, 4, or even 5 high! Waffle + egg + waffle + egg +waffle (or more layers). Ooey, gooey, deliciousness on a plate with cold milk, hot coffee or hot tea. (Are you Hungary yet?)



You can’t have all this fun, enjoy the meal and become a ‘believer’, like me, if you don’t have a waffle iron. You may have an old standard type, but “You gotta have heart”! Just having some fun, most reviews are droll and full of boring facts. Here you get the facts in a tastier fashion.

“A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down”, sang Mary Poppins. Well, these are certainly NOT medicine, but they are sweet and I like my reviews to be sweet as well.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Leave some comments, please. Would like to know if you like this kind of review.



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  1. I like the energy you have coming from this article and the little boy pic is adorable. I love waffles too! Will you be sharing more waffle ideas and recipes down the pike? I love trying new recipes, I have a waffle iron, and would love some inspiration to use it! 


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