Woof     Story Tyme 3 is drawn from year 2000 when I wrote a series of puppet scripts for our church children. I decided some of you might like a short story or two, so here goes. It is in Puppet script form and you may feel free to use it yourself. 


     Story 1:

Puppet Script #1

“Woof’s Wisdom Lesson”

        Knock. Knock. Knock.

Narrator (N):  I wonder who that is?  Let’s look. [Opens curtains as children say “yeah”]

                        Well hello Woof.  What are you doing here today?

Woof (W):      I just had to see all these good-looking kids and adults.  Hi kids!  Hi adults!

N:                    Woof.  You look different.  I thought you were a Yellow Lab?

W:                   Was. Wanted a change.  Cut and dyed my hair.  Heard Dalmatians have more fun.

N:                    Woof!  You’re kidding?

W:                   Nope!  Ronnie Rat told me Dalmatians have more fun.  He said he watched “101 Dalmatians” and they all had more fun than I seemed to be having.

N:                    Woof.  That was just a movie he watched.  There were 101 Dalmatians in the movie and that’s what it was named.  But that wasn’t really real.

W:                   It wasn’t?  Ooooh!  That Ronnie Rat!  Just wait till I get my paws on him!

N:                    Really, Woof.  Don’t you think he taught you a good lesson here?

W:                   What lesson?

N:                    Why, that you shouldn’t believe everything you see or hear.  You should ask someone you know is wise before you do something you may have to live with a long time, although, you do look kinda cute as a Dalmatian.

W:                   Really think so?  What about you kids?  Do you think I look good as a Dalmatian?

N:                    Well, there you go, Woof.  You’ve got it from the experts.  Where are you going now?

W:                   First, I’m going to think about what I’ve done and what you experts have told me, then I’m going to find that rascal rat and tell him a thing or two.

N:                    Just remember, Woof, you’re a Christian.  Do what Jesus would do, OK?

W:                   OK.  See you later.  Bye, boys and girls and adults.

N:                                [closes curtains and dismisses the children]

(Copyright Sunday, February 20, 2000; 8:47:17 AM; Warren G. Blaisure)


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