Mandy and Sandy’s Exploits


M: (singing slightly off-key) I’ve got confidence, I’ve got confidence…

S: Mandy! What’s that awful noise? It sounds like a cassette tape player with rundown batteries!

M: Aww, Sandy, it was just me singing.

S: If that’s singing, I’m giving up listening for good!

M: Sandy, that’s not nice! I don’t sing that badly.

S: Right! That’s why the dog is howling two blocks away!

(Makes howling sound)

M: (Mandy groans loudly)

S: What were you TRYING to sing, anyway?

M: I was singing, “I’ve Got Confidence”.

S: You must have to be brave enough to try to sing in front of all these people. Either that or you were trying to punish them.

M: Sandy, you can pick on me all you want. It’s not going to stop me from believing. Jesus said that He loved me and would be with me all the time. So that gives me confidence.

S: Mandy, what is confidence, anyway?

M: It means I can be sure that God will do what He says He will.

S: Silly, everyone knows that!

M: That’s what I thought, Sandy. But that’s not true. A lot of people believe God lives, and even believe He loves them, but that doesn’t mean they really trust Him or believe in Him.

S: How do you know that, Mandy?

M: By the way they talk.

S: What do you mean?

M: Well, you remember when Mom read that scripture from the Bible that says, “I can do all things through Christ who makes me strong.”?

S: Yeah. What’s that got to do with confidence?

M: Just a little while later Dad asked her to speak to the Ladies’ Group and she said, “Oh, I couldn’t do that. You know I get nervous when I’m in front of people.”

S: But everyone gets a little scared in front of people.

M: Right! But if she believed what she read, she’d know that Jesus would help her — she’d have confidence.

S: Uh, yeah, I guess so. But wouldn’t you be scared?

M: Not if I was trusting Jesus. That’s why I was singing even though SOME people say I can’t sing.

S: But you CAN’T!

M: The Bible says I am to make a joyful NOISE unto the Lord. I CAN do THAT! Besides, it’s a law in Texas that it’s OK to sing off-key in church, so I’m legally right.

S: But this ain’t Texas, its Iowa!

M: Oh. Um. Well… I still think it’s OK with God.

S: I’ll tell you what; you can still have confidence in God if you DON’T sing. And it might help me be more confident if you don’t sing.

M: How could my not singing help you be more confident?

S: ‘Cause then I’d know that when the Bible says God is merciful, it really was telling the truth! God would be having mercy on me and all these people!

M: All right, Sandy. If it helps you, I won’t sing, but I still believe Jesus loves me.

S: You’re right about that, Mandy. You CAN be confident that He will always love you and watch out for you. And, boys and girls, you can be confident that Jesus loves you too. He loves you so much that He gave us the Bible, and Church and our Pastor, and our parents. They all watch out for us and love us.

M: Right, Sandy. And God will always help us when we ask Him. So, kids, when you pray, believe God will help you and make a way for good things to happen to you. You can trust the Lord.

S: Gotta go! See you next week. Bye!

M: Bye!

(Copyright: Saturday, December 09, 2000, 2:15:32 PM, W.G. Blaisure) smile 2

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