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NOVEMBER 6, 2022, is time for clock change – Fall back.

This is a reminder for US citizens. Sunday morning 11/6/22 @ 2 AM is the official time to change your clocks by turning them back 1 hour. If you do change them at the official time, it will only be 1 o’clock when you finish. Therefore, the question is did you get up at 2 am or 1 am?

Your viewpoint on this may be different from your neighbors. You may comfort yourself and say in reality you didn’t get up at 2, rather at 1 so it wasn’t really that late. But the realist would say it was like traveling back in time because you really got up at 2 but went back to bed at one.

Interestingly enough, if you changed the clock at 1:30, you would be moving forward in time because having gotten up at 1:30 to set the clock 1/2 hour before the official time change, it would be 1:30. So instead of moving back to 1 o’clock, you only move 1/2 hour and that puts you at 1:30 whereas if you change the clock at 2, it becomes 1 o’clock which is an hour change but at 1:30 you only make a 1/2 hour change.

Have I confused you yet?

Then consider this, in the Spring if you changed the clock in the same manner, you would move backwards in time.


See, even Santa
is amazed by this conundrum.


If you are like many people, you will change your time before you go to bed so you will get an extra hours sleep by morning because you will have effectively go to bed at 9 pm instead of 10 pm.

Others will wait until morning to change the clocks and thus have gotten up 1 hour earlier (makes them feel they got a ‘jump start’ on the day!).


I will let the phone and electronic adjusters work while I sleep and change the time at 2 am while I snooze on. Then in the morning, having had my phone alarm go off at the correct time, I will correct the rest of the clocks in my house that didn’t have this automatic feature.

If you have survived this acute exchange without being flustered, you are either a very confident person or you are dead and don’t know it. lol


Who brings the Easter eggs, a rabbit or Jesus? If that confuses you consider how Santa gets down your chimney if you have all electric heat? Or a gas furnace with a 2-inch exhaust pipe?

That brings up one more issue I have to breach:

Who eats the cookies and drinks the milk many children are encouraged to leave for Santa and what if he is diabetic or gluten allergic?

What ever happened to the ‘simple’ life?

So ask yourself this question as I conclude, Do you get younger in the Fall and older in the Spring because of Daylight Savings Time?

(Did you have ‘fun’ and how’s your ‘faith’?)


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