Warm throat syndrome, I love it! Hate chills down my back and chest.


Do you need a warm throat In frigid weather? Try a scarf. Keeping chills away from throat and neck, is the job of the scarf. It wraps around your throat and tucks inside your jacket, keeping the winter wind from penetrating and holds body heat in. Toasty! The one above is fancier than my home knit one (made for me by my daughter-in-law, Deb) but mine serves the same purpose – keeps me warm. This Australian Wool Soft Warm Knitted Scarf made of 30% Merino wool; keeps you warm without scratchiness. It is ‘hand wash only’, but that is an easy task and dries quickly. Comes in two colors – black and black/grey. Ratings 4.7 out of 5.0. 1140 ratings.

(Disclaimer: If you like and purchase any of these, Amazon says I must tell you that I will make a small percentage on the sale for pointing you in this direction. Hope that’s OK, it helps me a little.)

Camel colored scarf This Ohayomi Fashion Formal Soft Scarf for Men has 34 offerings.

More color? Quieter? Beanie hat/scarf

Soldier style 3 piece set Tactical

This has been FUN, showing you a sampling of ways to keep head and neck warm. I BELIEVE, have FAITH, in staying warm and have found scarves are the final touch to aid in this process. I hope this entertained you and maybe gave you some ideas on how to keep warm in winter breezes.

Hope this was of help.


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