Is this FUN? For two, yes. For one, no.

So, who determines what fun is?

We’re back to the original question – “What makes fun, fun?”

Merriam-Webster says it is: “what provides amusement or enjoyment”.

In the picture above, it appears that being cruel to another person brings amusement or enjoyment to two of these, while it is just cruel to the object of their “fun”.

It has been said that ALL humor comes from tragedy. Ergo: a person slipping and falling on a banana peel. Someone faces a time of trouble or disaster (Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner – Acme bomb planned for Roadrunner, but blows up in Wiley Coyote’s face). Of course to make this humorous, the coyote is not harmed, just frustrated by his failure.

What makes this “fun” is that the villain loses and the supposed weak Roadrunner wins.


Telling jokes is a form of fun, so I remembered some ‘stupid’ jokes from my teenage years and shared them with a few people to see how they fared in this ‘enlightened’ society. elephant


  • Q. “Why do elephants wear red sneakers?” Ans. “So they can hide in cherry trees.”

Q. ” Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?” Ans. “Works, doesn’t it?”

  • Q. “Why do ducks have wet feet?” Ans. “To stomp out forest fires.”

Q. “Why do elephants have flat feet?” Ans. “They got them from stomping out flaming ducks.”

I don’t know if you laughed, snickered or just looked dumbfounded, but these are supposed to create “fun”. Did they for you?


snicker This is a snicker mixed with laughter. She seems to be enjoying the moment.

happy people

These people appear to be enjoying their experience, whatever it may be, though personal or public.


The answer to this question can be very revealing concerning your personality, likes or dis-likes, and how you find things that are ‘funny’ to you.

I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, so I will not attempt to analyze anybody here, just put you on notice that your humor reveals who and what you are.

Hopefully you are among those who desire to help others enjoy things and not among those who derive fun from someone else’s trouble.


WA superdudeWealthy Affiliate

There are many reasons why I say this is a fun business.

Let me list a few:

  • Writing fun stuff
  • Finding fun people
  • Sharing things that interest me and finding others who are interested in them as well
  • Making money while having fun
  • Meeting new and interesting people from all over the globe
  • Working with people who are successful at this
  • Working with successful people who share how they became successful and are willing to teach others how to for FREE
  • Telling people about things I have found that work well so they have opportunity to find them also
  • Sharing life experiences to help others
  • Helping answer questions some might have in the process of learning how to do this business

For me, at least, this is fun and I have an audience of 5.5 billion people on the internet along with over 2 million members of Wealthy Affiliate. And one of the greatest perks is that I (and all members) have direct access to the wisdom and help of the creators of the business to answer and direct us personally. NO EXTRA COST AND THEY’RE FRIENDLY!

Here’s how I feel about it: happy


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