Does’t she look comfortable?

“Could be better.”

“Not really”.

“Grimace, pout, yuck”.

Wind has a way of turning things around, upside down, move it uptown (or down). Whipping and slipping, flipping and gripping, wind will make things swing and to sway.

There are several points I want to make with this subject, so “don’t fly away, stay’.


When the wind blows, it dries things and people out. If you’re wet, it will get you dry. If you stay in it, it’s drying effect will make you thirsty. If you are ‘old school’, you have hung clothes out to dry, but it takes wind to dry them quickly.

So wind can be a help or hinderance, depends on your need.

Wind is thirsty. God has designed it to pick up water as it flows across the land. This is good if things are too wet; bad if things are already too dry.


fan When it’s hot, you’re not – with a running fan. Just sit in its man made wind and let it cool you with its flow. (Dries the moisture – sweat – you know).

A fan can also move warm air to thaw frozen things out, like frozen water pipes. Which, BTW, may have frozen because the pipes were subject to COLD air blowing over them.

Furnace fans move heated air through ducting to bring the heat where you want it in your home or business. Nice! ‘Cool’!


Controlled wind is represented here, with these electricity producing wind generators. Quiet and efficient, non-polluting power. Simply a new approach to getting the wind to work for us. Wind mills have been around a long time and got their name from having the wind turn grinding stones on grain to make (mill) flour. Also, used in our southwest to pump water through pipes to irrigate or water cattle.


LEAF BLOWER ” target=”_blank”> The concept here is to channel wind to specific areas, so things like leaves or light snow can be blown to a place we prefer them to be, like into a pile (leaves) for ease in gathering them into bags for removal. Or with light snow, blowing it off from walkways to make travel safer. The above unit only weighs 3.4 pounds, has two batteries with charger, 2 speeds (low speed – 100 minute run time; high speed – 20 minute run time). It produces 60 mph on low and 130 mph on high speed.

Ratings at 5.0 scale:

  • Lightweight – 4.7
  • Drying power – 3.4
  • Battery life – 3.2

There are many choices of these in varying sizes, weights and fuel (battery, electric cord, & gas). This controlled wind power is a great work saver and efficient cleaner.

(Disclaimer: If you use the link above to check this blower out, Amazon says I need to tell you if you purchase one, I will receive a small percentage for providing a connection point to find it and the info to let you know about it. I hope this is OK with you. It helps me some. Thank you)


tornado Tornadoes and hurricanes are nasty, dangerous destructive forms of wind. The picture above illustrates their danger to property, people, businesses and (here) our children in our schools. This is a seriously dangerous powerful wind. We try to prepare for their attacks by building codes, safe rooms, and weather reports. Sirens are set as a warning system to help people prepare to be safe when one approaches.

Leaving you on this ‘nasty note’ is not a good thing, so allow me one more scenario.


When the wind blows gently across our faces, we take pleasure in the softness as it brushes our skin and caresses our person. Whether warm or cool, there is goodness in the wind.

So, when the wind blows, we get a great variety of conditions to be involved with and, mostly, they are good.

Gentle winds to you, my friends.


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