FROSTY! Whether weather or not, the temperatures tell the story.

Every day weather comes. You have the choice whether to like it or not.

The weather for this week is as follows:

  • Monday – day 34, night 5; precip 88% snow
  • Tuesday – day 16, night 7; precip 21%
  • Wednesday – day 17, night -4; precip 96% snow
  • Thursday – day 1, night -12; precip 39% snow
  • Friday – day 3, night -4; precip 25% snow
  • Saturday – day 9, night -6; precip 16% snow

Whether you like it or not, here it comes! So make your choice and plan for it. Stay in? Go out? Be happy? Be sad and grumpy? This could get lumpy. Maybe even bumpy. Sure to be slippery. Don’t get flippery, or you might be eating a ‘hurts, don’t it’.

If you like snow, maybe it’ll show. Freezing rain is a pain. Summer sun is done. Frosty light is getting bright. Dress right keeping everything tight. It’s gonna get white making quite a sight.

Old Jackie Frost paints with cold and moisture providing us with frosty culture. Windy drifts slow traffic down, causing some to drive like a clown. Muscle strain still brings a gain while moving snow before it blows.

Have I excited you with this winter picture? winter


I have lived in New York, Vermont, Canada, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. Snow country. When I was 15 we had a storm that covered the road by our house with a 15-foot deep by 60 feet long and 40 feet wide snow drift. We had to drive through a field to get by it, It took a D – 9 bulldozer 3 days to clear it out.

While living in Vermont for 10 1/2 years, we owned a farmhouse on a hill 4/10s of a mile from our nearest neighbor and watched the snow plow clear the road below us at 6 am but didn’t get to us until the next day. Couldn’t get out because the snow was 3 feet deep with an icy crust.

BTW do you know what REAL Vermonters do when it snows that bad? No, they don’t get out their 4-wheel drive and go, they just stay home. Four-wheelers belong to transplants – people who moved there from other states.

I could tell you many more stories, but suffice it to say I DON’T LIKE SNOW! And just to be clear, if I NEVER saw another snowflake, it would be too soon!

Why, then, you may ask, do you live in Iowa? They still get snow there. Well we improved a little, instead of 7 months of winter, we get only 3 months and normally only a couple of inches of snow, not a couple of feet. I am seriously considering moving farther south, but they have other issues like hurricanes and tornadoes. We get a few tornadoes, but not like farther south.


First – Don’t get any!

Second, use a snow shovel, like this> ” target=”_blank”>

Or like this> ” target=”_blank”>

Maybe like this> ” target=”_blank”>

Last one> ” target=”_blank”>

All I can say is these all represent ‘work’ and work is a four-letter word.

(Disclaimer: Amazon says I have to let you know that if you should happen to purchase one of these, I will receive a small percentage for showing them to you. Hope that’s OK. It helps a little. Thanks.)

Well, whether or not you like the coming weather, it’s coming and as you can see, I, for 1, don’t like it. I will survive and thrive anyway. Trust you will also.


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