Hey everybody, I’m in the TOP 100!

Actually #84. YES!

Look out Mike, I might catch you!

Yes, all the exclamation marks ARE necessary. This has not been easy to accomplish, but it IS easy to accomplish – if you stay diligent and consistent, providing help and fun info as you go. JUST AS KYLE AND CARSON TELL US TO DO. IT WORKS!


If you read my post:

NIGHTMARE ON NODAWAY ST – Faith And Fun Gets It Done (

Then you will understand how close I was to losing everything I had worked for, for 7 months. If not, take a look before you read the rest of this.

My rank before this happened, was 101. During the two weeks I was shut out, it dropped to 118. But after being restored (thank you, Kyle), I worked hard for 3 days and – LOOK AT ME NOW! From 118 to 84. That’s a gain of 34 points in 3 days!

If I (a relative newby – 7 months) can do this, imagine what you can do if you persistently apply yourself. The KEY is: follow the training and practice as many of the elements as you can while writing creatively and interestingly. It works.

Two other posts that aided reaching this number are:

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In addition, I caught up around 100 responses to my comments and gave helpful advice and encouragement to quite a few others, which is what we do here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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I also want to thank the 165 followers who stuck with me during this challenge. Your input and encouragement is so welcome and is one of the main reasons that over 2 million members continue with WA.


I have another blog I add to occasionally called, Bible Biscuits. Here is one of my devotionals:


“Ye are the salt of the earth:”

“Pass the salt, please.” Men, women and children are always looking for something to “spice up their life”. Salt is a very common and essential spice used to this end. It brings out the flavor of the food it is added to and most folk can’t do without it. Salt is a strange substance, in that it is made up of two deadly poisons, sodium and chloride. Either of these by themselves, taken in even small quantities can kill. However, mixed in the right amounts, they become a spice which enhances the flavor of most foods. This strange and wondrous ability of God to take deadly things and combine them into helpful substances, works in our favor spiritually as well. He takes the deadly sins in our lives, adds His forgiveness and provides salvation for us. In addition, He makes us fit for His table – we are a welcome addition there.

In presenting the Gospel, Jesus used this substance (salt) to illustrate how common the need for good representatives in the world is – we are as salt, the spice which flavors the lives of men spiritually – and how important its application is to bring out the fullness of God’s plan for each life, now and in eternity.

But the most important thing was the quality of the salt. Salt that is not salty is worthless and useless. So it is with the representatives of the King. They must be true reflections of Him or they are worthless and useless. If we are to “spice up” the lives of others, we must be truly “salty” – real reflections of the King.

Our text verse says, “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” It might still be good for melting ice and snow, but it is useless, even dangerous for men to use as a spice. So with the life lived by “good deeds and good intentions”, they look like salt, but they sicken instead of savor. Attending church, singing and worshiping, giving and listening to the sermon are all good things to do, but are worthless and useless if they are not the overflow of a life lived reflecting the life of the King. Salt must be salty. Christians must be Christlike. Nothing less will do. (Matthew 5:13)

Copyright 6/2/2013 Warren G. Blaisure

Being a preacher for 60 years, I have to drop some “Faith Favorites” in my posts. Hope this helps and doesn’t’t offend anyone. It is applicable in any setting, but works best as a Christian reference.

Truth is truth where ever you find it. Hope you found some today.


Several powerful points:

  1. Creative energy and ability has been given to everyone – in different amounts and kinds, of course, but you have some – look for it, it’s there.
  2. If no one encourages you on the path you see as important and necessary, don’t give up. If it’s important to you, it’s important. Maybe someone else is just waiting to see if anyone thinks this is important also. Your voice could open the door for “something good” to happen to YOU and to OTHERS.
  3. If you don’t do it – WHO WILL?
  4. If not now – WHEN?
  5. Make your vision clear and complete so it will benefit the most.
  6. When some tell you to be quiet, GET LOUDER!
  7. You will find that the ones waiting for someone to SAY SOMETHING, will applaude you and join you as they partake of your courage to pursue your dream.
  8. Forget the ‘nay-sayers’, they’re not going anywhere anyway!


Someone is clapping for you, somewhere. Let your voice ring out so they can hear and respond, then get quiet and listen for their reaction. It will come.


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